Areas of Expertise

Each resident goldsmith in Toronto has a variety of strengths but some truly excel in a particular area of jewellery making. Have a look at each artists gallery and our top recommendations for the type of work you are interested in.

Bold statement pieces- Helena Perez Lafaurie
Carved and cast pieces- Alexis Kostuk
Complex fabrication- Gillian E. Batcher, Zef Radi
Filigree- Shafiq Sarwari, Zef Radi,
Forged jewellery- Jerell Reichert
Gem Cutting- Peter van Walraven
Jewellery prototyping- Shafiq Sarwari
Men’s Jewellery- Alex Kinsley, Peter van Walraven
Mixed materials- Robin Cassady-Cain, Vera Wei
Redesigns using your precious metals and gems- Alexis Kostuk, Gillian E. Batcher
Spiritual and Culturally inspired work- Saeedeh Rahmati, Jessica Nheme
Steel Fabrication- Alex Kinsley