Lapis Lazuli

Blue is one of my favourite colours, and of all the blue stones, I’m currently enamored of lapis lazuli. One of our resident goldsmiths, Shafiq, has some lovely lapis, which he cuts, shapes and polishes himself, before incorporating it into his jewellery.

Artifacts of lapis have been found that are as old as the 7th century BC, and during the middle ages, it was used ground up to make ultramarine paint pigment, the most expensive of all blue paint hues! The largest source of lapis is Afghanistan, and it yields lovely pyrite (which is gold coloured) included stones, like this example from Shafiq’s collection.

Lapis Lazuli “bird” set in a sterling silver brooch.

What’s your favourite colour of stone? Whatever it is, you’re sure to find some beautiful examples in the studio. Wander in if you’re passing by and see!

Robin (House of Cassady)

Learn about adding texture to metal

In our classes at Jewel Envy we teach several ways to add texture onto metal transforming the surface. Check out some images below for descriptions of what is used to create texture

Hammered textured band rings. The dappled texture on these was created by using a ball peen hammer across the surface. This is close to the final step in creating a ring!

You can learn how to make a band ring in either a one day class, or as the first (of three) projects in our 8 week introductory fabrication; upcoming class dates:

Monday September 26th – 8 Week Introductory Fabrication

Saturday October 15th – One Day Band Ring

Cuttlefish castings. The ripples are the natural texture of the cuttlefish. After carving a shape into a cuttlefish bone you pour molten metal into the cavity capturing the unique patterns of the material.

You can learn how to make a cuttlefish casting as the second of three projects in the 8 week casting class; upcoming class:

Tuesday October 18th – 8 Week Casting

Roller printed earrings. For these pieces the texture is added to the metal first using a rolling mill and fabric. After the pieces are shaped and made into their final form.

You can learn how to roller print for the second of three projects in our 8 week introductory fabrication class; upcoming class:

Monday September 26th – 8 Week Introductory Fabrication

Visit our website to check our event calendar for dates, browse to see class descriptions, or drop by to see class samples in person.

Please note we are still requiring all class participants to show proof of full vaccination for COVID 19 at or before the start of class unless you have a signed medical exemption. For us this means 2 shots and any boosters that are recommended and available to your age group.  Masks are also still required for the duration of the time spent inside Jewel Envy.

Fall Festival Fun

Toronto always has unique and exciting events going on through the summer, but we really get excited about the community festivals and fairs that happen in the fall.

This coming weekend (Sept 17th and 18th) marks our neighbourhood’s yearly celebration, the “Roncesvalles Polish Festival”. The organisers have planned a stage for our street, highlighting a tuba quartet, an Elvis impersonator, a pipe and drum band, plus a family DJ party. We are anticipating lots of music and a lot of fun just outside our doors, all weekend.

If you are planning a trip down to check out the festivities, you can be assured that we still require everyone to wear their masks inside Jewel Envy, and we will make sure that you have ample space for your shopping experience before we let in the next customers. If you have a big project you’ll need time to discuss, feel free to book a time this week, so that we can give you all of the time and attention required. We have lots to look at and try on, all made by our in house jewellers!

Whether you come down to Roncy to celebrate with us, or just to eat pierogies and watch some wonderful entertainment, we hope you have a safe, wonderful time.

All Set To Go

There is just something about a matching set.

Whether you are gifted matching earrings and a necklace, or you slowly put together a collection from a favourite artist, it’s just nice to accent an outfit or an event with pieces that go together.

At Jewel Envy, we have lines to mix and match, ready to go, or we can sit down with you and design the perfect arrangement of jewels to mark a special event.

Making your special ring is our specialty.

We were so delighted to have the chance to create a new anniversary ring for our clients. Her original engagement ring was getting old after 25 years of marriage so it was time for an upgrade. We worked with her to find the perfect design for her budget and aesthetic and we created this beautiful, step cut emerald and diamond ring. We hope she will wear it for at least 25 more happy years. Whenever it’s time to celebrate a special occasion we love to make your jewellery dreams come true.

Emerald and diamond ring in 14K yellow gold by Aurora Simmons of Handmade Revolution

Make a statement

I love blue! One of our members- Shafiq Sarwari-cuts and polishes his own lapis lazuli, and then sets it in lovely forms of jewellery. (As well as making other things, of course!). He currently has some stunning pieces that really make a statement, here for your viewing pleasure!

Trio of rings in sterling silver. I admit it, the flower is my favourite!

Two amazing necklaces, with slightly different looks, but I guarantee you’d get comments on them, if you were wearing them!

Best seen in person, if you’re in the area, wander into the blue house and have a look at the other pieces available- whether you’re looking to make a statement, or something fabulous for everyday!

Enjoy your Saturday!

Robin (House of Cassady)

Love Toronto Art

No matter what type of art you love, we hope that you’ve had a healthy dose this weekend. For us, it’s been all about this year’s Toronto Outdoor Art Fair, especially with the appearance of fellow jewellers and our members like Alexis Kostiuk and Robin Cassady-Cain. Love Toronto Art!

New work happening….

Wow, so I think the sunny weather at least, is definitely here. It’s another sunny Saturday, and I’m inside (but this time I’m telling you about something outside!!).

As you may have noticed, things are starting to return to “normal” (whatever that is!), including in-person art and craft shows. This time next week, I’ll be sitting in my booth at the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair in Nathan Phillips square (Booth 292), along with my colleague Alexis Kostuk (Booth 229).

We’re always working on new and exciting work in the studio, but I always like to have a couple of new things that debut when I’m doing an exhibition or show, so I thought I’d share a few of them with you today :).

Sterling silver patterned Vessels and Cells triple necklace with seed pearls– hot off the bench, this is the next in a series of work with these units.

These sterling silver M pendants are super colourful with their torch fired enamels!

This sterling silver necklace is derived from my larger Defense of Life necklace, and has 3 blue topaz for that extra sparkle!

I’d love to see you, and answer all your questions about my work and inspiration (or, you know, you can read a bit more here). And don’t worry, if you can’t make the Toronto Outdoor, some of it will make an appearance in the studio bubbles after the show!

Enjoy your weekend!

Robin (House of Cassady)

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