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Are you looking for a supportive community to work in? Then Jewel Envy is the place for you!

We believe a little help goes a long way in a creative career and have built a system around that basic principle. Resident goldsmiths do more than just make work here. We help each other figure out the ins and outs of running businesses and have proven methods to help you succeed. So what do you need to bring to the table to be considered?

  • Plans for making a career out of this. You may not be there yet but we want to help you make well crafted and articulated pieces that fulfill your goals as a maker, artist, and business owner.

  • A collaborative spirit. We are all in the same industry but we really don’t need to compete in a negative way. We need to build each other up and pitch in when needed because success does not happen alone. Success stories are the result of hard work, a little luck, and a helping hand when necessary. We do more than just make work for sale here. We collaborate on events, exhibitions, ideas, and business principles.

  • Problem solving. You need to be able to take a problem you are having with a piece, your business, a client and work through it. We can help with that but you must have an internal drive to make it work.

  • Skills. You need to know how to make lasting jewellery and make it well. If you are fresh out of school we don’t expect you to have the same skill set or confidence as someone who has been out for 10 years but we do want to see high quality work appropriate for your experience level. Jewel Envy is a place to grow and you will learn fast if you take advantage of the support offered here.

  • Great ideas are number one in our books. We look for work that is different from our current members. That way we never feel in competition with each other for customers and have a larger customer base with something that appeals to everyone. We recognize niche markets for styles and encourage differentiation to keep the work interesting and unique.

  • Interview and Tour of Studio (courtesy of the Toronto International Jewellery Festival)

Have you thought about teaching? Have you ever wondered why so many trained goldsmiths teach as well as make?

Extra income is just one of the benefits but there are many more that can help your practice grow.

  • Teaching is the fastest way to cement your professional skills and learn to become more efficient and precise in your work.

  • You stay vigilant with proper procedures and health and safety.

  • You keep up to date with styles and maintain a healthy view of the business.

  • Resident goldsmiths that choose to teach are taught how using a set curriculum similar to what is taught at the professional schools. These goldsmiths pay their rental fees with this minimal part time job all while staying within their chosen profession and strengthening their skills.

If you are a trained goldsmith (school or equivalent training) and are interested in renting a bench contact us.

All of Jewel Envys goldsmiths have the opportunity to sell their work in the showroom, teach jewellery making classes, and be represented on this website. We are a close group of like minded people that strive for innovation in our work and in the infrastructure for the success of all members. Our rates are tiered with a lower price for those that participate in studio maintenance and retail hours. Please call or email for a complete description.

Goldsmiths looking to become members start with a probation contract that allows them to work during regular retail hours. After this period of time they get keys and then have 24 hour access.

  • Part Time is 3 days a week at a shared space during the probation period and 3 1/2 half days a week after probation depending on you and your bench partners schedules.

  • Full Time is 6 days a week in your own bench space during the probation period and 7 days a week after.

  • We also offer a daily or short term bench rental for those who have had some experience or are trained but just need a bench occasionally.


Shared Studio Equipment:

  • Air Compressor

  • Band Saw

  • Benches (10) each with a flexshaft and torch

  • Belt Sanders (2)

  • Casting equipment (vacuum casting, centrifugal casting, electronic kiln, sand casting kits, large torch, electromelt)

  • Chemical area (with fume hood)

  • Chemical Disposal Service

  • Chemical oven

  • Computer with Photoshop

  • Draw bench

  • Drill Press

  • Enameling Kilns (2)

  • Gem Identification Equipment

  • General tools for teaching

  • General tools for daily renters to sign out

  • Glass Annealing Kiln

  • Glass Flame-working Torch (glass supply available to purchase through the studio)

  • Hydraulic Press

  • Inside Ring Engraver

  • Kick Press

  • Large lockers for tool storage

  • Lapidary set up

  • Laser engraver (engraves and cuts a variety of materials)

  • Laser welder

  • Lathe

  • Pickle

  • Polishing area (enclosed model, individual polishing storage area)

  • Private meeting room

  • Rectifiers (3- plating, anodizing)

  • Ring Stretcher/Domer

  • Rolling Mill (2- electric, manual)

  • Sandblasters (2)

  • Scales (3- electronic, manual)

  • Scroll Saw

  • Shears (2 guillotine and side shear, 1 paper)

  • Some hand tools (daping set, rotary hand drill, etc)

  • Steam Dewaxer (for cleaner casting burnouts)

  • Steamer

  • Tumblers (3 rotary, 1 magnetic, 1 vibratory)

  • Ultrasonic

  • Ventilation above each bank of benches (elephant trunk), additional portable machine, ventilation above all chemical areas

  • Vise

  • Vulcanizer

  • Wax Injector

  • Wood stump

*clean staff lounge with kitchen

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