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Marbella Carlos

I did an intro jewelry making course at Jewel Envy and it was incredible. The teachers are lovely, patient, knowledgeable, practicing goldsmiths who go the extra mile for their students. I made work I was proud of and coming to class was the highlight of my week for 8 weeks. Thank you!!!

Juan Solorzano

Thanks to Gillian and Michelin I was able to achieve making my own hammered ring in one class. Not only did I achieve a personal goal but I am extremely inspired by the work of these individuals.

At Jewel Envy they excel in customer service, their classes are very straightforward and Sapphire is an adorable hypoallergenic dog that made me feel like if i was at home. I have now signed up for another class and moving forward I am going to pursue Goldsmithing thanks to the inspiration I have found at Jewel Envy.

Ordering customized jewellery can be a daunting idea. Will the jeweller understand my ideas? Will I like the final product?  If this sounds like you,  don’t worry.  Gillian will listen to you, lead you through the consultation process,  and thrill you with a beautiful new heirloom.

– Michelle, Toronto, Canada

Many years ago my son an artist was invited to provide a piece to his cousin Gillian Batcher. He chose a large important piece he felt reflected her strength and creative spirit. When delivering the art piece I felt a connection with a unique ring of rose quartz, ball bearings and citron. Over the years I have received so much attention and compliments to the ring. It has become a comfort to move the ball bearings that are inside the ring that Wraps around my finger. I feel warmed that I have a cherished piece from someone who is so important to my son. Gillian puts her heart into her work and it stays embedded there.
Judith, Guelph
  • I had the incredible experience of working with Jewel Envy and PASH owner, Gillian, on a custom piece to commemorate my brother.  Gillian’s creative process and abundance of ideas were inspirational, supportive, and exciting.  I look forward to working with Gillian on future collaborations! – Erica, LA
  • I really enjoyed my experience at Jewel Envy and having Alexis as my instructor was great.  She taught me several techniques that I’m still using today and guided me through making some very interesting pieces.  Anytime I wear the bangle or ring I made I’m sure to get a compliment. I can’t wait to take more classes in the future. -Joanna- Toronto, ON
  • I need to rave just a little here ok? I’ve taken several courses at Jewel Envy now and can’t begin to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed them all! All of the instructors are expert jewelers who give you both good class instruction but also, and very thankfully, lots of one-on-one guidance and assistance. I’ve learned how to enamel, rivet, solder, pierce, saw, set a bezel, create a wax cast ring, create a band ring and am so thrilled with the results!!!!!! I truly can’t wait to take my next course. To anyone who has an interest in creating jewelry, I can say with great confidence that you will LOVE Jewel Envy! They have expert instructors, excellent equipment and a learning environment that really helps you both understand and put to practice immediately what you’ve just learned. Best of all, you walk away with a beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece that YOU made! -Ellen- Ancaster, ON
  • I just picked up my repurposed earrings, ring and nose stud from Sasha Oda, and I have to say, everything is nicer than I even hoped! She took an old gold, diamond and ruby bracelet and made them into spectacular new pieces. I can’t stop checking everything out. -Kat- Toronto, ON
  • I have taken several classes at Jewel Envy, and enjoyed every one!  I have learned a few new techniques, and I have always had positive and enthusiastic teachers.  I really like the ability to take 1/2, 1 and 2 day courses, as I can’t always commit to a full 8-week course.  The space is amazing, with all the tools you could want access to, and the classes are very personalised to each group – no matter your skill level. As a dedicated jewellery-lover, I’m always a bit thrilled every time I go in.  I’m amazed at how open and yet welcoming the gallery is, with pieces by the resident artists displayed in individual domes, showcasing each artist’s work.  I’m so glad I walked in one day to check out this amazing place! -Lissa- Toronto, ON
  • Jewel Envy offers great jewellery-making classes for beginners. It was hard to believe that in one 8-week casting class, I went from zero knowledge of silversmithing to walking away with 2 beautiful rings that turned out exactly how I wanted them. The best part is when people compliment me on them, I get to say I made them myself! I learned a lot in the classes but I also had a lot of fun–everyone who works there is very friendly and the hours I spent working on projects flew by because we were having such a good time being social while working. I highly recommend Jewel Envy’s classes to anyone interested in learning how to make unique jewellery. -Lori- Toronto, ON
  • I have taken 3 different classes at Jewel Envy. The teachers were terrific and very encouraging for me as a beginner. I was very happy with my finished pieces of jewellery. I attended with one of my best friends, we had such a great time. The experts are there working on their art as well so you get to see some of their work in progress. I recommend their classes to anyone whether just for a fun day or make something special that you can be proud of. -Sheri-Toronto, ON
  • Gillian combines flawless craftsmanship with unique and artistic designs to produce incredible jewellery. I own several necklaces, earrings and rings that she has made and I constantly get compliments on her work whenever I wear a piece. I greatly enjoyed designing my ring with Gillian because she was able to figure out my design preferences and offer very creative suggestions to help co-create the perfect ring for me. She is very professional and friendly and she definitely puts a lot of passion and enthusiasm into her work. Thanks Gillian! -Dianne- Victoria, BC
  • I bought one of Gillian’s stunning necklaces several years ago and have always considered it one of my very favourite pieces. Recently I wanted it adjusted, and finding myself in Toronto, decided to pay a visit to Jewel Envy for help. Gillian was fantastic! We were pressed for time as we had to leave the city, and although I was willing to leave the necklace, Gillian offered to make the adjustment that afternoon. When I returned, I found a sparkling necklace, beautifully cleaned and fitted just for me! I am so grateful for Gillian’s professionalism and generosity (there was no charge) as well of course for the beauty and style of her unique pieces! Can’t recommend her highly enough! -Caroline- London, ON
  • I first discovered Gillian Batcher years ago at Harbourfront, and since then she’s gone from one strength to the next. First as an award-winning jewelry maker, then to establish her PASH practice, later on to found the Jewel Envy studio in the big blue house on Roncesvalles with its warm collective and collaborative spirit. She has made me custom jewelry, refashioned wonderful new pieces from old, most recently my five mix and match stacking rings. I’ve bought from Gillian and her colleagues at the studio for years, and  once even purchased a necklace she was actually wearing at the time!  It doesn’t get better than that! -Bronwyn- Toronto, ON