Jamie Rosario

Jamie Rosario graduated from OCAD University’s Material Art & Design program with a Bachelor of Design. During her undergraduate studies she also participated in a Summer Artist-in-Residence program at Harbourfront Centre.

Having recently displayed her work at OCADU’s GradEx 109, Jamie was the recipient of the Lily Yung Memorial Award for strong experimental and conceptual components to thesis work. Based on the Buddhist philosophy of Indra’s Net – a metaphor for the interconnection of all living beings – Jamie’s conceptual work endeavours to tether the body to nature, bridging the gap between the body and the plant world through abstractions of plant forms that span the body as statement pieces, implying that their existence is inherently intertwined.

Much of Jamie’s ideas are formed through interaction with nature, interpreting sensory experiences among trees and plants as being meditative and calming. She enjoys making statement pieces and combining textile components with metal. Her work is concerned both with plant shapes and the shadows they cast. She uses techniques such as forging and crocheting with wire to render forms such as leaves, seed pods, and branches.

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