Jennifer Trotman

Frekkel Designs is the passion of Jennifer Trotman, a Toronto-based goldsmith/artist who entered the Toronto artist scene as a performance poet. Jennifer started making jewellery 20 years ago, selling one-of-a-kind pieces to stage performers and stylists.

In pursuit of art and expression, Jennifer studied goldsmithing at George Brown College, earning a diploma, and launching a career in fine jewellery, design and repair. She has also studied with the GIA and the AGS.  Always ready to get creative with her skills, she continues to learn new techniques and use any media that tells her story. When she is not working at the bench she is developing and conducting workshops for kids, social-nights, and consumer education.

Frekkel Designs pieces are personal, handmade and unique, because Jennifer is always connecting to her “why”. Above all, she loves sharing stories.

“My love and passion for jewellery is fueled by the art of the craft and the honour of helping someone express themselves to another person.”

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