Yuna Zhang

Yuna (Lei), a recent graduate from OCADU, is a passionate jewellery designer.  Yuna’s belief in jewellery as a fundamental element of fashion led her to explore both textiles and jewellery, fostering her interdisciplinary approach to art. Her love for travel and diverse cultures, coupled with her affinity for infusing Chinese cultural elements into her designs, has propelled her to more than a dozen countries in search of inspiration. Noteworthy accolades include a second-place finish in a logo design competition during her Industrial Design studies, showcasing her jewellery artworks at the prestigious Toronto Outdoor Art Fair, and receiving an Honourable Mention from the Canadian Gemological Association in 2022 and second Place from the Canadian Gemological Association in 2023. Presently, Yuna is dedicated to integrating textile technology into jewellery making while preserving traditional skills, all while establishing her own jewellery brand to craft narrative jewellery pieces that reflect her passion and love for art.

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