The oldest gold jewellery


Ancient cultures developed a fascination with accessories; materials like sea shells, glass and stone were very common on the first jewellery pieces found on archeological excavations. It was only when excavations in northeastern Bulgaria gave us an approximate date on the first time gold jewellery was crafted and worn.

The Varna civilization, a culture from the late Neolithic period, created amazing gold implements and jewellery, and because of their respect for the dead, this pieces were preserved for posterity in vast Necropolis and Cenotaphs.

Daring from  4560-4550 B.C. this pieces of jewellery show the abundance in riches the Varna culture had on their period, so much that one of the Cenotaphs contained more gold than it has been discovered anywhere else in the world for the time period.

The Varna culture was able to procure this riches thanks to the amount of lakes on the region and waterways from the Black Sea.   

Such and amazing discovery!


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