I have spent the last couple months mulling over the idea of superstitions and how to represent them in jewellery for Zilberschmucks annual jewellery competition and exhibition. When I really started to think about them I realized just how integrated they are in our daily lives and although we may rationally know they are not true we often take precautionary steps just in case our small actions can effect our future.

I thought about the superstitions I subscribe to and if could protect myself what would be the one I wish my actions could actually affect. This lead me to think about the heart and how to protect it from failure of both the literal and figurative kind. From here it seemed natural to design a piece of armor to protect the heart. Stay tuned for an image of my interpretation of heart protection.

Deja Vu

About 4 years ago, I was a student in my second year at George Brown College. I needed broken pieces of jewellery to fix in my repair class I was taking. My mother handed over a bag full of jewellery, mostly pearls to restring, some things that actually just couldn’t be fixed, and a 10ky gold ring with a broken shank at the bottom and a missing stone (an amethyst she tells me). It was much too big for her as a child when she got it. She told me she used to pinch the bottom of the ring to make it fit. At .5mm thick, it’s no surprise it cracked! In a timid attempt, I filed the broken edges flat and poorly soldered it back together. I was so unimpressed I just never gave it back to her.
During that epic room clean I did a couple months back, I actually found the bag of broken jewellery, ring and all! I thought to myself, wouldn’t this be a lovely birthday present to surprise mom with? I knew that I would have to cut it open and redo the soldering job so I figured I should make it an adult size at the same time. I also found a tiny little amethyst to bring it all back together. This time, I was still terrified of ruining it but I took my time and ended up pretty happy with the results.
Plus my mom was happy and totally surprised!


Student Exhibition 2012

2012 Student Exhibition 
Take a browse through our 2nd Annual Student Exhibition
here at Jewel Envy.  The exhibition will be running from
Friday February 10th, to Monday March 5th and now immortalized here on
our blog!  The opening reception is this Friday February the 10th from
5-9pm and is being generously supported by Magnotta Winery.  We’re
excited to display our hard working students creations and are once
again asking the public to vote on their favorite piece.  The winner
will receive free bench work time here at the studio to further
develop their skills.  Please join us at the opening or drop in to check
out the show while it is on display. You can  vote in person or through
email by sending us an email with your name, phone number and number of
the piece you think should win.

#1 “Hello my name is…” by Jay Joo
#2 Bridge Ring by Jay Joo
#3 “Nothing lasts forever” by Jay Joo
#4 Heaven’s Tree by Chakman Chow
#5 Rose bud by Chakman Chow
#6 Two finger ring by Padrin Kwok
#7 Ring by Padrin Kwok
#8 Rogue wave – two finger ring by Padrin Kwok
#9 Gasing Earrings by Joe Han Lee
#10 Malaysian Living in Canada by Joe Han Lee
#11 Kinetic Ring by Joe Han Lee
#12 Origami Pendant by Monika Weber
#13 Black Night by Chris Le Page
#14 Saturn II by Chris Le Page

#15 Bangle by Kate Psaltis
#16 Bracelet by Kate Psaltis

#17 Pendant by Kate Psaltis
#18 Fallen Leaf by Candice Fraser
#19 Cameo Pendant by Alexis Smith

#20 Gears in Motion by Alexis Smith

#21 Industrial Gear Pendant by Alexis Smith

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide!

I’ve always thought of Valentines Day as a day to celebrate the love of your life, a great friend, or even yourself. To me Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love, whether that be a romantic love, the love you have for friends and family or the love you have for yourself.  
There are a lot of beautiful pieces to help you express your love this month at Jewel Envy…
Sterling silver with purple flocking, purple freshwater pearls and swarovski crystals. $60.00 by Glaciale 

Sterling silver with hand rolled fimo balls in deep and pale pink set with clear resin.  $185.00 by Primula

Sterling silver woven bracelet. $300.00 by tete jewellery

Stainless steel with 18k yellow gold wire and genuine rubies. $95.00 by Pash Jewellery

Gold plated sterling silver with removable lemon quartz drop. $220.00 by Kathryn Rebecca

Oxidized sterling silver “Lady slipper”. $135.00 by Lauren Hanham

Enameled copper, sterling silver and white freshwater pearls. $125.00 by Lianne Friesen

Sterling silver with hand carved york gum wood. $180.00 by Koko Bijoux
To get a closer look at some of these items please stop by 10-6 Monday-Friday and 11-5 Saturday.  Or come on by this Friday evening until 9PM as we will be open late for our 2nd annual student exhibition!  Hope you enjoy the month of celebrating Love with those you love!;)
xoxo *Kathryn Rebecca at Jewel Envy Studio

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