Wrapping up 2015!


This will be one of the last posts of 2015 from us as we near Christmas and the stores closes for a few days to reopen in 2016. I thought I would take a few moments to reflect on what a wonderful year it has been for us here. It has been a year of welcoming new members to the space, exhibitions, and a dramatic increase in class enrollment. The studio has had a few scheduled upgrades to equipment and the building has also benefited from further exterior landscaping.

We have now been at 151 Marion St for just over 3 years and are an established part of Roncesvalles with directions being given as either north or south of the blue house. As a space that prides itself on genuine community connections we have supported many local fundraisers and installed a Little Free Library. Our LFL fosters a love of reading which helps cultivate curiosity and imagination; two very important ingredients in supporting the arts in all forms.

One of our members left for maternity leave while another is preparing for motherhood while continuing to work. As with every new year there is a feeling of hope and anticipation for what is to come. We know as a team we can rise to any occasion and have big plans to roll out over the next year. We are deeply thankful for the support we have received from each other, our loved ones, and you our customers.

Our wish for everyone in 2016 is to find joy and satisfaction in life, which is exactly how we feel when we see something we laboured over find a new and loving home with one of you. We hope to be able to continue to share in your special moments as these become part of our memories of the joys to look for in life.

There are only a few more days until Christmas so if we don’t see you in the store before then for last minute pick ups we hope to see you in the new year!

Love, peace, and joy to all,


Hello Judith!!!

Judith Noldin is a resident goldsmith here at Jewel Envy. She makes incredibly unique and beautiful pieces, and is also a whiz at doing repairs! I highly recommend stopping by to take a look at what she has going on, you will not be disappointed.

Here she is, hard at work on another repair:
 Here are some of my favourite pieces. The far left is part of the Turrets Collection. I love the cutout detailing, and of course, the 18K yellow gold accent isn’t too bad either! She has other similar pieces as well, with coloured glass instead of gold. The shape of the turrets is inspired by church steeples, and they definitely make me think of medieval architecture. The middle pendant is a lovely and serene mother-of-pearl face, with a pretty moony surprise on the back for you, as well. The brooch on the right is made of coloured, textured glass, and sterling silver. 

Come in and say hi to Judith!
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