A holiday? Yes please!:)

Well, with the holiday rush coming to a close it is exciting to think of what is next on the agenda!
This holiday season taught me that you can never start planning to far ahead.
I have been daydreaming about the new spring/summer collection for 2011.  It is so fun to let my mind wonder back to my holidays in Muskoka last summer…those 2 weeks were filled with inspiration!
If there is one thing I’ve learned about having your own business in 2010 it is that there will always be a    TO DO list and that there will never be a time that it  is all done, but rather then letting that discourage       you think to yourself “Am I having fun doing this?”and if the answer is YES then just keep on keeping on and enjoy and the ride along the way!  đź™‚
Happy Holidays!  I hope your time off will be spent with family and friends!
I am certainly looking forward to spending time with mine. *K

 Yesterday evening was my last night teaching and today is my last day working in the studio until the new year so I thought I should touch base through the blog and update with a couple pictures of student work. 

  I just finished teaching the 8 week Resin class, the students ran a little wild and helping them along with their projects was exciting.  It was a prerequisite for the class that you had experience in fabrication and/or casting so that the students could work on creating pieces that would also use resin in the piece.   Check these out:

Padrin Kwok’s rings

Flora Lam’s necklace

Both of these pieces were created by making molds and pouring resin into them, they both seemed excited about all the possibilities that resin allows and I hope that they both continue to make pieces with their molds. It was a joy teaching this class because I have it set in my mind the ways in which I like to use it in my work.  However, when you have a student with new ideas and no experience with the materials their creative output is as equally enthralling for me as it is for them. 

Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season and I will continue writing in the new year!

Happy Holidays!!

Hello everyone,

this is a very exciting week!

This Wednesday December 8th between 5pm and 10 pm is Jewel Envys 4th annual 
Holiday Party!
 Come and join us in celebrating the holiday spirit… there will be fantastic jewellery and great company!
this Friday is the opening of the Holiday Pop Up Art Shop Village where I will be one of the many talented artisans being featured.
(Methinks’ Holiday PopUp Art Shop Village is more than a sale. It’s a conversation about quality, craft and the business of persuasion in Toronto’s art scene. Says Ringer: “This is a rare and special opportunity for a general audience not just to find special stocking-stuffers, but to have a magical encounter, support local artists and consider the exhibition itself as a work of art. Moreover, this project challenges traditional art sale formats and raises the bar for anyone working with the popup shop concept in Toronto.”)
                                             (located at 165 Agusta in Kesington Market)
Hope to see you there!
Sarah De Gasperis

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