Tomorrow’s September!


 I have been bouncing back and forth between a lot of new work, my pieces for the Red show, and I recently finished a painting + jewellery object for the Square Foot Art Show, which will be on display until September the 5th.

The new work I have been creating is in anticipation of the Queen West Art Crawl which is being held from September 17th until the 19th.  I will be part of the annual Art and Craft sale in Trinity Bellwoods Park on the 18th & 19th.  It is always a laid back and vibrant show to be a part of and every year my sister comes into Toronto to help me out (another aspect I look forward to).

So be sure to check out my latest meanderings and I look forward to a lot of visitors at my booth (C36) for QWAC. 


Application time again!

It seems like every couple of months I go through an intense application writing period. I have not been slacking off by any means, it is a question of when the calls for entry come out and when they are due. They tend to cluster around a few times of the year and we are heading into another one right now. I realized it yesterday when I was in a panic that there were to many things to make, to many essays to write and not enough hours in the day. I spent yesterday flustered by all of it and today I settled into making lists of what was due and creating a schedule I could comfortable work with to get everything in on time.

So what has me working up a sweat at the bench you ask? Below are some links but if you just start searching you will find many many more. You may have missed some of these deadlines but mark them down on your calendars and next year you will be ready!

Good luck to all who enter!


Hello everyone :)

My name is Rosalyn. I joined Jewel Envy two weeks ago and I’m very excited about what I will create outside of school that will take me to the next level. I graduated from OCAD university in June where I studied jewellery design. By the time I finished my thesis year, on one hand, I wanted some break for myself after a period of intense work for graduate exhibition, but on the other hand, I kind of missed being in a jewellery studio where you can be creative and support each other’s creative ideas. I think Jewel Envy is a perfect place for me to start creating my own work as a professional artist/designer and be part of community. Every artist/designer in Jewel Envy seems very friendly like Gillian told me 🙂 
Now I am working on a jewellery piece that connects from my thesis work. Also, I’m still mind mapping my theme for RED show. I know everyone started this long, long time ago and now getting to finish it. I guess the only way for me to be able to make it to the show with everyone is work harder! yes… I will.

The image shows the earrings I recently created with casted forget-me-not flowers in sterling silver. I will see you all this evening for the studio meeting. 


A week of relaxation….

Leads to lots of new ideas! Last week I spent a week at my parents place in Muskoka. The time off got my mind racing with new ideas! We spent lots of time on the lake canoeing and relaxing on the beach. We also picked wild flowers, went on ice cream walks and spent lots of time with friends and family! Here are a few of my favorite photos from the trip.

This funky flower was found lakeside  – even while canoeing I managed to do some flower pickin!:)
Waterlilies…on beautiful LONG LAKE:)
Nothing more lovely then wildflowers…
Upon my arrival back to the city I finished up my first RED show piece! I am doing a series of rings that are inspired by Remembrance Day.  Can’t wait to finish them all off for our first GROUP show.
Hope your enjoying summer as much as I am.
Kathryn Rebecca

Seeing Red

What gets you pumped? It’s always been my dream to be featured in a jewellery show—actually, any show will do…. American Bitchelorette, Sexy Idle, you name it– and now it looks as if I’ll finally get my chance. Granted, I’ll be sharing the limelight with my fellow goldsmiths from the Jewel Envy studio, but I’m jazzed nonetheless. Yes, I’m downright excited to be sharing the stage with these talented women at our upcoming jewellery show called Red.

I’m no politician and I’m no Old Spice gal with a YouTube audience, and despite the realization that I may be more of a passerby than a mover and shaker, I feel that it is my responsibility to alert people to the dangers of global warming. For the purposes of the show, I’ve crafted a custom volcano of silver and gemstones as a metaphor for the destruction of the planet caused by humans. I’m seeing Red… how about you?

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Young Kyoung Ko

P.S. RED will be featured at the Distillery, Pearson Airport and 18 Karat.

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