Shine Bright like a Diamond

This is the season to take all of your jewelry out of its hiding places and put it on.You probably forgot what you have.  It might take some time to look through all your hiding places and many drawers and maybe a trips to the bank and safety deposit box to get it all together.

I think this is a great time to go through everything and see what you love and what you never wear.  Just like your closet, jewellery put away if forgotten about.

It is fun to see what can be restyled and reposed.  Is very fancy jewelry, on trend, but is worn every day. My recommendation is to wear what you have.  Make it your style.  Integrate old and new.

At the holidays it is so nice to see the pieces that remind yourself and others of family members no longer around.

I like to use these occasions as times to take stock, check out the security of the stones on their settings, the state of the setting, clasps, and sizes. 

Jewellery and Diamonds will last a long time but it needs to be looked after properly.

Here is a checklist to consider before wearing your jewelry out for an event.


Are the findings and stones secured?Do you have proper back? Do shepherd hooks have stoppers to prevent the hooks from catching on jackets and scarfs?

Lemon Citrine earrings, @pashJewelleryDesign

This is a great example of a very safe back butterfly, big enough to protect your lovely earrings to fall down and get lost.

Necklaces, and rings with stones.  Rings with diamonds are most often set in claws.  The claws overtime wear out or can be bent out of shape.  You need to make sure these are secure. So, each year check the setting and the condition of the stone. 

Stones chip, even diamond.  Jewel Envy will look at you jewelry for free to let you know the condition or you jewelry. 

If you have insurance you have to report that to your insurance company when you find it.  Best practices are to review your jewelry and your insurance policy every year.

Turquoise and pink Sapphires ring. @glacialegoldsmith

This lovely ring from Alexis Kostuk has six claws that hold the turquoise, they are strong and long enough to keep the stone in place.

Ring Size and Ring Fit.

A ring that was maybe a little loose on your finger in the summer is ok.  When the winter comes around it can be an issue.  Your fingers tend to get smaller and the ring bigger.  You are also in and out of your car, putting your gloves on and off.  Maybe wiping off the snow from your car with your bare hands. 

Opps, there your ring slips off your finger.  It drops into the soft snow, no cling to let you hear it drop and sadly it is gone. 

It is a small fee and an easy repair to size a plain band.  Something with stones should be handled with care. 

Jewel Envy’s repair services help you with all of your sizing and repair needs.

Ruby ring, @RadiBrothersJewelry

Blue Topaz and diamonds. @hplafauriejewelleryDesign

This two rings show you different type of bands and we can resize any of them for you at Jewel Envy.

Love your pieces of jewelry and give them the best care possible, they are passing down to you from your lovely ones or buy from your love one for you or you bought them for yourself! Keep them safe and gorgeous!

Jewel Envy will be open for your last shopping Christmas gifts on Monday from 12Pm to 4 pm an on Tuesday from 12 pm to 4 pm.

Jewel Envy and its team wish you very Happy Holidays and a happy New Year|!

Have a nice Sunday!


2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Boulder Opal Pendant $130, Hoops $65 by glaciale goldsmith, Alexis Kostuk.

Tourmaline earrings $275, Tourmaline Pendant $315 by Van Walraven Goudsmid Peter van Walraven.

Lovely Tree Necklace $235, Sassanid Motif Cufflinks by Saeedeh Rahmati.

Simple M Pendant $110, Simple M Earrings $140 by House of Cassady, Robin Cassady-Cain.

Cube and Twig Necklace $500, Cube Twig Earrings $400 by Pash Jewellery Design, Gillian Batcher.

Circle Necklace $410, Wide Silver Band $390 by HPL Jewellery Design, Helena Perez Lafaurie.

Dripping Circle Necklace $125, Clematis Earrings $180 by Cosmic Skye Jewellery, Skye Stutt.

Domed Cuff Bracelet $245, Heart Cufflinks $230 by Urban Metal, Jerell Reichert.

Lepas Earrings $350, Pillars Brooch $300 by Kinsley Vey Designs, Alex Kinsley.

Pearl Earrings $120, Rhythm Cufflinks $160 by Vera Wei.

Dangling FLower Earrings $520, Flower Cuff Bracelet $560 byRadi Brothers Jewelry, Zef Radi.

Flower Earrings $200, Filigree Pendant $200 by Shafiq Sarwari.

Bubbles Ring $145, Tree of Life Necklace $190 by Jessica Rita Jewelry, Jessica Nehme.

New York Jewelry Week 2019

I had the chance to visit NYCJW this year, and I wanted to share my favourite pieces I saw during the week!

Brooch by Marta Mattsson
(There’s a real beetle in there!)
Brooch by Marion Delarue
Brooch at Adornment Gallery – Italy
Rings by Claudio Pino
Necklace by Annette Dam – Charon Kranson Art

December happenings!

So, the studio party was Friday. I wish I could show you a load of pics, but unfortunately I was too busy having fun, and talking to my colleagues and our amazing clients and friends who attended. (It was so nice to meet some new people and hang out with friends!) However, here’s a teaser of the fun we had with the Photobooth and some of the awesome decorating Gillian and Alexis have done of the studio-it’s iridescent-tastic!

Still lots of exciting things happening in December at the studio! The #RoncyReindeer contest is still going on until December 31st!

teaser of the blinged up reindeer to spot around the studio

Our workshops for 2019 are finished for the year (but you can already sign up for making fun for 2020–have a look at the courses currently taking bookings here. Wouldn’t they make a fab gift??)

Have you ever tried precious metal clay? It’s a moldable clay that contains metal particles that you can shape. When fired, the clay particles burn away leaving the metal , and a cool new shape! This month, Jewel Envy is visiting the Stakt market to give some family friendly maker workshops December 12th, 14th and 15th. You have your choice of making two quick fire clay pendants (December 12 or 15th), or hand stamping your own unique copper book mark (December 14th).

The market looks pretty exciting! I might have to go and try out the Crockicurl! In any case, you can see more here.

Don’t forget that SHOP1km is still happening on Roncevalles. If you live in the area, you should have received a coupon book. The promotion for the studio is over now, but you have until December 15th to drop the stickered back page to enter the general raffle put on by SHOP1km to win all the cool stuff on the cover. You can drop these at any of the participating shops, but we always love to welcome you to the studio!

Don’t forget, there’s loads of new work from the resident goldsmiths out in the bubbles-you’re sure to find that perfect gift for the someone special in your life. Come visit to say hi and see what we’ve been up to!

Hope to see you soon, and enjoy the surprisingly warm Sunday!


Celebrating the Success of our Goldsmith

This post is overdue but never too late to celebrate. This past October our own Peter van Walraven, of van Walraven Goudsmid, won 1st place in the 2nd Annual Emerging Artist, nation wide competition presented by the Canadian Gemmological Association. Peter joined the blue, jewel house of Roncy in May after graduating top of his class from Georgian College in Barrie.

His piece titled “Metal, Stone and Crystal” is a unique kinetic neck-piece that has caught the eye of many. The piece is all completely hand-made, aside from the chains. Peter cut and polished all the stone and crystalline material by hand. The center piece is made of synthetic cobalt-blue spinel set with in the center of cast sterling silver and 10 karat yellow gold accents. The side pieces or weights are cast in sterling silver with howlite and black jasper inlay accented with lapis lazuli and gold tips.  

Interestingly this piece was originally inspired by the hoodie. The stings you pull on the side to draw the hood in tighter is the idea behind the kinetic aspect of the piece. By pulling the sides you can wear the central crystal as a coacher or have it lay lower on your chest, you decide how you want to wear it.

Peter has many ideas for this design as he loves to use synthetic material. Why not have a synthetic sapphire bar? Or do you prefer ruby, or emerald, maybe amethyst, or even alexandrite? Stay tuned for more! You can view Peters work in studio or via his Instagram @vwgoudsmid or his website

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