Prepping for Show Season

It’s been a busy month at Jewel Envy for me! Aside from custom orders, I am preparing for my first show of the year at Craftadian in Hamilton on April 6th and 7th.

I still have many pieces of make and lots and lots of wire to draw down.

Attached is a sneak peek of my new designs as well as where i’ll be at Craftadian.

If you have time, pop by!

Enjoy the sun today!


Spring curation for a Saturday

In honour of the spring-like temperatures we’ve had this week, here’s my curated collection of things that are making me feel spring-like!

Are you feeling it? Clockwise from top left: Flower earrings with stones (Frekkeldesigns), stone stacking rings (3; Glaciale Goldsmith), Circles ring (Winfield Design), Tulip clutch pin (Edna Milevsky), M clutch pin (House of Cassady), Shell Flower earrings (Pash Jewellery Designs), filigree Flower earrings (Shafiq’s Jewelry), Butterfly kiss earrings (Eunice L Designs)

Come see them in person in the shop, and discover some other new designs, perfect to lift you up with that spring feeling!

Enjoy Saturday, whatever you’re doing.


Can hollow jewellery be repaired?

Hollow jewellery should be appreciated for the technical skill required to make it either by hand or machine. Hollow work means a piece can be lighter than expected. This lends itself to larger sculptural works that remain comfortable to wear.

The challenge with hollow designs is that they can be difficult to fix if dented. Pulling out a dent in a hollow piece requires attaching a rod to the area that is dented, usually by soldering, heating the area and trying to pull the rod holding the dent outwards. The rod is then removed, and the piece can be refinished.

If the piece is sealed, the goldsmith will need to make a hole somewhere before heating to let the air escape. This process is difficult to trouble shoot; be sure to consult a goldsmith with extensive repair experience before attempting to restore a piece like this.

’20 Tips on maintaining our Jewellery’, Gillian E. Batcher, 2013

Old photos, new post

Old work, edited long ago and now posted – Alexis

Turquoise and pink tourmaline Fish Tail Ring.
Turquoise and damele, a mismatch made in heaven.
Sacred heart with a gold crown.
Damele necklace.
Alium ring with purple sapphires.
Sharks! bite earrings.

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