Zef Radi of Radi Brothers

Happy Sunday! It’s a beautiful day out there, hopefully you are out and about and getting 
some much needed Vitamin D๐ŸŒž
Some of us are inside though, working hard in the studio. Here is one of our worker bees, 
getting busy at the polishing latheโ†“
It’s Zef Radi, of the Radi Brothers. He makes wonderfully delicate and detailed pieces, with 
mixed metals, lacy filigree, and vibrant stones.
 Here is a sneak peek of some of the pieces he has here at the studio:
 Sterling silver ring, with 18k/24k details $520
Sterling silver pendant, with 18/24k details and blue apatite $540
 Sterling silver dangling earrings, with 18k/24k details and pink sapphires $790
Drop by during store hours to see the rest of his collection in person. 
See you soon!

Welcome to our new Goldsmiths.

Welcome to our new Goldsmiths.
Hello Saturday Readers,
Jewel Envy celebrated its ten anniversaries last year, we
keep growing and I want to welcome the two new Goldsmiths at the studio.

Paruli Designs  by Parul Shrivastava. Parul studied jewellery at
George Brown College in Toronto and has taken her passion and life-long dream
of being a goldsmith and jeweler, to the next level by launching her brand.
Parul pulls inspiration from her love of ancient and modern design forms
from different eras and cultures. In her jewellery, you will see architectural
or mythological elements incorporated into contemporary wearable pieces of art.
She derives inspiration from the simplicity of nature around her and the
complexities of animal and human bodies.

Sterling Silver earrings with a red Cubic Zirconia

Sterling Silver pendants with blue Cubic Zirconia

Bijoux Missodey by Patrick Missodey. He is a native of Togo with 32 years of
jewelry experience. Before living in Toronto he completed his jewelry training
at the ร‰cole des Mรฉtiers du Sud-Ouest de Montrรฉal (EMSOM). He specializes in
the creation of handmade jewelry using a blend of ethnic and contemporary
techniques that give an original and unique style to his work.
He specializes in hand made chains, forging, and fabrication which are all
present in his Sika, Baobab and Vogan collections. In addition to creating new
pieces he also does repair work and custom redesign work transforming old
pieces into new treasures.

Sterling Silver and Gold ring with a red Garnet

Vogan Sterling Silver filigree ring.

Much more of this amazing work is now in display at Jewel Envy for you to
Drop by the studio to drool over these beauties in person, and maybe you’ll
be lucky enough to meet the goldsmiths themselves.

Have a nice Saturday


WE ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’˜
(We love love love love etc…)
So you may have noticed that it’s coming up on Valentine’s Day๐Ÿ’ And as you may imagine, it’s pretty difficult to blog from a jewellery store without posting at least a few images of lovely love-inspired pieces… it just can’t be helped!
In my esteemed opinion, hearts are good any time of the year, but especially relevant in the first few weeks of February. So here are just a few suggestions, from my heart to yours:

This is a dainty art deco bracelet by Jewelust (Amanda Henderson), but if you ask me it looks like two intertwined hearts. Sterling silver on chain $145
This ring by Urban Metal (Jerell Reichert) is solid sterling silver, and super substantial. It strikes the perfect balance between rough and smooth, and hand to heart you will love wearing this $110
Pale dusty pink is the perfect colour for Valentine’s Day (or any day really), and this rose quartz stunner is pretty hard to miss. It is quite the statement stone, perched atop a podium of intricate lacy sterling silver. By HPL Jewellery Design (Helena Perez Lafaurie) $380
 Obviously these two hummingbirds are in love, and they flutter around sharing this lovely chalcedony bead, while staring into each other’s gleaming sapphire eyes. How romantic! By Pash Jewellery (Gillian Batcher) $195

 These stunning pendants are actually lockets – the daggers slide out to reveal super romantic treasures within (*treasures not included). Accented with 14k yellow gold, these are the perfect pieces to wear close to your heart. By Glaciale Goldsmith (Alexis Kostuk) $880 top; $1470 bottom
What a lovely roundup, if I must say so myself! But by no means do you have to wait for someone to bring a heart to your door – go out and get your own! And by that I mean, come here and get your own, or anything else you feel like gifting yourself, because you’re worth it! xx

DIY Valentines

At Jewel Envy we love a good DIY, since everything is handmade here and we love teaching from the studio when we’re not busy creating. After a trip to the craft store for supplies I had to hold back from purchasing stuff that I did not need immediately (always a struggle!)

I wanted to collect some fun ideas for Valentine’s coming up this Wednesday. Click captions below each picture to find tutorials. 
If you use any of the tutorials be sure to share with us, we love seeing creativity in action! And if you’re in search for any last minute gifts, you can always head our way ;o)

I’m nostalgic for using craft paper to create pop-up cards for Valentines. It is the first thing my mind thinks of when it is approaching – I love this variation.

If anyone in your life loves popcorn look how pretty -and tasty!- this looks. I would even say a fresh batch whipped up with whatever topping you love to share with others is a treat I know I would love to get.

I’ve made these rose a few times from this very tutorial. I love using patterned paper and mixing colours together.

I never throw out any corks, they’re always great to reuse in a variety of ways. A fridge magnet and plant is one of those great ways!

Make use of any extra thread lying around.

For anyone crochet skills, how cute is this?!

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