Forge n’ Fold

I recently made a few pieces that use a technique called fold forming. Basically what it entails is taking thin sheet metal and folding it. What you do from there is entirely up to you! It’s a fairly limitless world with quicker gratification that say anticlastic forming which requires A LOT of patience.
At a show I participated in earlier this month people were asking me a lot of questions about the pieces and were very interested in the process. I found this demonstrative video on Rio Grande’s Youtube channel that shows the kind of fold forming I used to make these particular pieces.
This one is called a rueger fold. You can cut out any shape as long as you keep the fold. You don’t even have to hammer on the folded side, this is just one example of many!


new art market in town

The Barns Art Market is an exhibition of artists and crafts people that takes place once a month from May 28 – October 15, 2011 at the Artscape Wychwood Barns.
I was part of this new juried show that introduces interesting dynamic between art market and farmers market at the same time.
Beautiful Wychwood Barns are making this event even more special as visitors get to enjoy the event on many different levels.

Make sure you visit.


50th TOAE

Last weekend, Gillian, Theresa (our intern @Jewel Envy), and I participated in Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition at Phillips Square. The sun was very strong to stand outside but it was the perfect weather for outdoor show. Lucky! 
Rosalyn’s booth, photo by kat

My booth was a bit apart from the centre where it was most crowded, but overall I had good traffic of people who visited my booth. It was a good experience to hear lots and lots of good or bad comments coming out from thousands of fresh eyes, because when you are out of school and begin working in a studio creating your own work, it is hard to imagine how it would look to other people. Most of the comments that I received over the weekend gave me so much inspirations and motivations to create new works. So, I hope you all stay tuned for more of my new exciting pieces to inspire you back.

Video is where it’s at! :)

As a small business owner I am always reading about the latest ways to promote my work!  I have especially been interested in the idea of video.  I personally have not filmed anything yet but I was pleased to find out that one of the lovely boutiques that carry my work (Freedom Clothing Collective at Ossington and Bloor) recently created a beautiful video.  The music, models and timing of the short film are so beautifully done that it sort of lulls you into a relaxed state just watching it.

I am especially excited to share that my wildflower rose necklace was featured in this lovely video.


Freedom Video!

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