Photo Shoot

Dear Sunday Readers,

Last Monday April 23rd we had a photo shoot at
the studio.
The photos and group shots will be used on the update J.E. website.
The photographer and his assistant created a mood-board that
guided us through the entire shoot process, keeping us on track. In a studio
and a jewelry place, that was easy. The location that is one of the most
important parts of a successful photo shot could not be better, Jewel Envy has
a great layout, it is full of light and the great pieces that are display made
such a beautiful background for the photo shoot.  
It was a fun day; we all have new photos for our websites.
Have a nice Sunday.

What is this magic?!

Recently while browsing Instagram looking at gems (as one does) I came across something that sent me down a mini google rabbit hole. On Tatum Gems feed I stopped scrolling to oogle at a unique gem (Inner dialogue: “What is this magic?!”) I initially thought that it was maybe human-made material but after reading the comment I was excited to have come across a gem that I had never heard of before: Rainbow Lattice Sunstone.

Found in a remote area of Australia, gemmologists researching the gem have found the gems are a rare combination of phenomena including aventurescence (as seen in
sunstone), adularescence (as seen in moonstone) and a distinctive
lattice pattern created by its inclusions. Read more here!

What do you think about the gem? Let me know in comments!

– Alexis


Hello Patrick!

It’s a very happy SUNday indeed!🌝 Everyone is in need of that good vitamin D, hope you are likewise out there getting a whole long winter’s worth!
Here’s something else to make you smile – a small selection of the amazing work by Patrick Missodey of Bijoux Missodey.
Such beautiful details and quality in each and every piece – lots of pattern, and texture, and depth with gemstones for that perfect pop of colour – some of my favourite things:)
The artist himself, hard at work in the studio. 
 Dangling teardrop filigree earrings with little flowers in sterling silver – $320/pair
 Three delicate filigree rings in sterling silver – $350 each

 Textured bangle bracelet in sterling silver – $730
 Filigree necklace with large centre ruby and black diamond accents, hanging on a handmade rattail chain – $3,000

Here’s a closeup because, come on it’s stunning.
Patrick has more work on display here at Jewel Envy – I highly encourage you to come and see his work in person, you will not be disappointed!

Spring! Yes Spring

The weather has been playing lots of tricks to us this year. It’s mid-April and
it’s a big white out today, and it feels a lot more like Christmas than spring really!

But that’s outside only, inside the studio all the goldsmiths have been busy as bees preparing for spring and spring has definitely sprung!

We have a collections of Flower rings, earrings and necklaces waiting for you to try them on! Also super cute bees cufflinks. Also why not have your own flower jewellery piece designed for you!

Check these out currently in the shop and come and experience spring here at Jewel Envy,

Have a great Sunday,


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What would you like to learn?

Spring is coming (can’t you feel it?!) even if the weather hasn’t been the greatest indicator. With spring my mind tends to go into overdrive with organizing, clean, taking inventory of things. I started brainstorming to come up with some new class ideas – I think I might have one or two that might have potential – usually after writing the notes and figuring out the pacing we know if it is good enough to add into our rotation.

I’m thinking specifically for 1 Day Workshops; please let us know – what class would you like to see us teach?  –Alexis


Crystal Palace

Dear Sunday
Our time
and thoughts at Jewel Envy are always on you, and how we can improve our work
every day, you are a very important part of our journey and among a great deal
of renovations we have held this last couples of months a new meeting room is
just ready for you all.

We had a
fun friendly competition to name our new meeting room (pictured above). This
January and February we invited you to come into Jewel Envy to take a selfie in
the new room, and post that picture to any of these social media platforms: Facebook,
Instagram, or Twitter. The collective goldsmiths at Jewel Envy voted, and CRYSTAL PALACE is the winner! The creative genius behind it; she was
gifted with a $150 gift certificate for jewellery in the store.
We invite
you to come see the great Crystal Palace in person. This room is so amazing that we at Jewel Envy
and our customers always walk out feeling inspired!

Drop by
during store hours, or make an appointment, to see it in person and discuss custom jewellery!

Have a
nice Sunday!
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