Spotlight on Helena!

Happy Sunday Readers,

Today we are going to have a look at some new work by Helena Perez Lafaurie as she has been experimenting in the studio. Her usual style is a contemporary look with quite a bit of weight to her pieces. She loves to make bold rings and necklaces; the solid kind that make music when you wear them and they have the chance to jingle up next to other pieces. You know the ones with weight behind them in design and function.

Lately she has been experimenting with some simple geometric shapes that are on trend for the season. What I am really enjoying about these new pieces is that the shapes may be minimal yet she still incorporates hefty findings and chains. This means they will have years of enjoyment ahead for the lucky wearers that take them home.

Be sure to come and check out these and other fabulous pieces by Helena this season.

As always be bold and wear amazing jewellery today and every day!


Tammy McClennan Designs

Welcome back Tammy!
After a few months in Switzerland – working on a set for a play, no less! – Tammy is back with us at the bench, working on new pieces.
She works mainly with brass, silver, and wood, fabricating these amazing hollow forms that are heavy on style but light as a feather around your neck.
After fabricating the forms, she adds silver tubing through the centre for the chains to slide through. She then powder coats each shape in varying colours, which also adds texture and depth.
Her work is the subject of today’s save vs. splurge, and here are the pieces we are featuring:
This small pendant looks like an adorable hat box. It is a hollow form constructed in brass, and powder-coated in Tiffany blue. You can see the brass peeking through around the edges. There is silver tubing soldered through the centre for the chain. This beauty is a steal at $95.
 This statement necklace is a very worthwhile splurge at $425. There are three separate pieces here – the centre form is brass, while the two on the end are wood. The chain has a mechanical closure, and is made of sterling. I kind of think that this bold necklace is also a steal:)

These photos definitely do not do her pieces justice – I highly recommend stopping by the studio to take a look at these in person.
Happy shopping!

Still Open!

has been an accident with damage to our front yard and porch entrance.
Everyone is safe and sound and we are still open during our regular
business hours and for classes. Please exercise caution when using the
stairs to the studio entrance. The porch awning has been made
structurally sound, it just doesn’t look as pretty.

Spotlight on our goldsmith Amanda Henderson!

Welcome back to another spotlight on one of our talented goldsmiths. Amanda joined the Jewel Envy crew back in our previous location as we were thinking about moving so she has been with us for a while now.

Amanda has a fairly wide range of work including everything from Dr Who inspired pieces, to Movember themed mustaches to bridal jewellery to Art Deco designs.

I have seen a few sneak peaks of new pieces under development from the Art Deco line and all I can say is I hope we get them in the store this spring. I love the crisp lines and clean finishes in this work. It seems our customers feel the same since we can barely keep them in the store. Below are a couple pieces we have in stock right now. If they speak to you too, drop in and try them on quick so you can snatch them up for your spring wardrobe!



As a jeweller in residence at Jewel Envy I had the great chance to get accepted in a program called OSEB , financed by the government of Ontario, Ontario Self Employment Benefit.

It was created to help people from all different work fields get their own small business started.
With a group of 17 classmates we had intensive business lectures, marketing, advertising, and networking were on the program as well. In those 10 months I learned a lot of interesting and useful things around self employment.

The program ran for 10 years and  supported  hundreds of people to take the steps necessary to become an entrepreneur. Unfortunately OSEB does not exist any more, I participated in the very last group.

Hopefully it will be reinstalled by our new government.


Replication, We do that!

Our customer brought in this single earring. She requested a replication of it because it is one of her favourite pair of earrings. Well, we do that!

Here is the first step in recreating the earrings – hand carved waxes that will be cast into sterling silver.

Here they are after being cast in sterling silver!

After soldering the findings into place each crevice where a rhinestone is going to placed has to be cleaned and shaped before each rhinestones is glued into place.

Here they are finished!
Side by side the original.

One more for the road!

Replication was done by resident goldsmith and Manager, Alexis Kostuk.

More Mokume!

Last week I showcased some of Pash Jewellery’s mokume necklaces. This week, it is still all about mokume, but with rings. They are all beautiful as wedding bands, or a special treat for yourself just ’cause.
In case you are unfamiliar with mokume, here is a quick lesson. Mokume Gane is a Japanese lamination technique, that involves the layering of different metals to create a unique pattern. It can be quite labour-intensive, but the results are so stunning it is definitely worthwhile.
 These rings are both sterling silver and copper. The pattern is like the grain of wood, and every piece is entirely unique.

This ring is a spinner, with a lovely pink sapphire for a perfect small pop of colour. The main band is sterling, and the mokume is a mix of 18K pink and white gold. 
If you have soldering experience, and would like to learn more about this technique, we are running a 2-day workshop this month. The Mokume Gane class is scheduled for Saturday April 23, and Sunday April 24. Come and get your learn on!
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