Jewellery of Gillian’s Wedding – Part 1

For those of you that don’t know, Jewel Envy’s owner, Gillian got married a couple weeks ago! The wedding was as beautiful as the sunny day, and almost as beautiful as the glowing bride.

I’m sure you know that jewellery is pretty much always on our minds, so I thought what better chance will I get to play photographer and find out what jewels everyone chose to adorn themselves with. Here are a few of Jewel Envy’s goldsmiths and their guests at the wedding.

Chia-Chien Tsai of Ellolite was stunning in her Ginko Trillium necklace and Silver Dust earrings with aquamarine and sapphires.

Hyewon Jang of H Jewellery was perfectly elegant in pearls. She designed this sterling silver and freshwater pearl jewellery herself.

Lauren Hanham and Jamie were a perfect pair with their matching Art Deco inspired jewellery, designed by Lauren Hanham Designs.

Mark was as daper as they come, sporting his custom made rings and studded tie clip by Amanda Henderson of Jewelust, and gear ring by Kinekt.

Young Ko of Koko Bijoux looked fabulous wearing her Cherry Blossom jewellery, and some one of a kind pieces, like her gorgeous amethyst pendant.

That’s all for this installment! Check back for part 2, coming soon, featuring the beautiful bride and some of her lovely bridesmaids!

Happy weekend!!

We are so lucky to live in a city like Toronto.  Diversity, in all its forms, is such a wonderful way to share and experience different ideas and perspectives.

To celebrate this weekend, here is a snapshot of some of the rainbow-coloured jewels available here at the studio.

Happy pride everyone!

White Gold or Sterling Silver?

Ever wonder what the difference is between white gold and sterling silver in appearance? These two metals often get confused with each other. The game gets even more confusing when rhodium plating is involved (all that bright white metal at Tiffany & Co, sterling and white gold, is rhodium plated) making them almost indistinguishable. The best indicator to look for is a stamp.

Stamps for gold karats
Sterling stamp for sterling silver
925 stamp for sterling silver

Another good indicator is the weight. Something of equal size in gold will be heavier than its silver twin. Gold is a denser metal than silver.
The final thing to look at, if it is not behind rhodium plating, is the colour. Silver is whiter in colour than white gold. White gold has a bit of a warmer steely grey colour to it.

10k white and sterling silver ring by Zsolt Szekely

Now you know ­čÖé

Archerade Spotlight!

Just wanted to shine a little sun on Sasha Oda and her company, Archerade.
She has been a resident goldsmith here at Jewel Envy for about 2 years now.
Take a look at some of the pieces she has on display here at the studio.
Arrowhead Bracelet in sterling silver
GoGo Ring in sterling silver 
Hoodie Earrings in sterling silver with turquoise 
Snake Wrap Ring in sterling silver with rubies
Come visit us at the studio to check out the rest of her pieces!

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