Winner winner jewellery dinner!

Ok so it’s not quite appropriate to eat for dinner but jewellery can certainly be worn during dinner or really any other time you feel the need to add some sparkle on your body.

December 2021 marked our 15 year anniversary as a boutique retail and working studio space. We started off a lot smaller on Spadina Ave but have made Roncesvalles our home for the last 9 years. If the times were different we would have had a big celebration but alas it was not to be last year so we got creative and asked you our amazing customers to share a special memory about the shop or a piece of jewellery from here and as a thank you we did a random draw for a little shopping spree in the store on us.

We deeply appreciated everyone who wrote in. All names were entered into an excel spreadsheet and we used a random number generator to pick the winner. There were far to many lovely notes to share in just one blog post so I have chosen the winner and one more.

Yesterday our lucky winner had the opportunity to come and shop in person and you can read her entry as well as see a selection of her jewellery from here below.

How can I show my love for Jewel Envy and all the talented, creative artists?   Buy their jewelry, of course!  Over the years my collection has grown, many of these pieces are near and dear to my heart as they were made for me, while partnering with the artists.

I absolutely love every one of these jewels and will definitely be adding more from Jewel Envy to my collection.

Your social media page is one of my favourites as I get to see a glimpses of beautiful, sparkly, unique creations.

Janet k.
Janet chose this Scorpio pendant by Aurora Simmons of Handmade Revolution and these moonstone and quarts earrings by Karyn Houston of Sticks vs Stone. They both made lovely additions to her growing collection of contemporary jewellery!

From the many other entries I chose this one because it truly highlights the sentiment of jewellery and what we do here. Please enjoy the touching story by a customer we started working with just before the pandemic began.

This is about memories and what you’ve done to enrich them.

My mother died and left behind dozens of pieces.  There was a blind auction for the four heirs.  In English, it meant that no one got every item they wanted.  Horse trading was allowed – and that helped.  That said, most of the settings were dated.  I found out about you guys totally by accident – from a woman working across the street from you.

We have relied on you to reinvent pieces that retain our memories of the stones, my mother’s love of baubles and my father’s love of buying gems for our mother. 

I’ll share one backstory.  My father never smoked cigarettes.  But his 5 sisters sent him cigarettes during WWII that he could use for barter.  He bought diamonds.  I wear the largest engagement ring diamond as a pendant every day.  And think of everyone involved in getting it from Holland to around my neck.  And you – Jewel Envy – is a part of that story.

Carla C.

Your winter jewellery

When the winter comes, we always like to use white to render the atmosphere, because the snow-white represents the flow of time and the change of seasons, reminding us that the new year has come quietly with the soft sound of the snow falling. 

“Snowflake” by Rex

Jewellers would also use gemstones to depict the winter scenery wrapped in silver. Bright diamonds, transparent white crystals and shiny pearls are transformed into snowflakes and ice crystals in this special season.

The most amazing scene in winter is the white world you see when you look out of the window after heavy snow overnight, all the sunshine is reflected in your eyes. Like a piece of snow, pure white jewellery has a sense of purity.

The ring “Snowflake” would be a great choice for your winter jewellery, it’s inspired by the snow in the winter, as the moissanite shines like ice crystals, it highlights the outline of the snowflakes.

“Snowflake” by Rex

Clean and Simple


Slick. Sleek. Clean. Simple. Are we still talking about handmade jewellery? Yes!

Handmade jewellery encompasses a vast, expanding selection of styles and expressions. The personality differences in goldsmiths are exemplified in their works in a way not capable in mass produced pieces. Goldsmiths themselves are capable of achieving completely different looks depending on the request, but they often settle on a signature style that “works” for them. It may be folksy, historical, high art, fashionable, or simply based on a newly acquired skill.

At Jewel Envy, our independent goldsmiths represent well respected artists, highly technical maestros, observant storytellers, but most of all, skilled professionals who love their craft and challenge themselves every day. That is why, whether you browse online or in person, you will see an array of styles, skills and expressions.


Challenging times call for sparkly distractions.

If you’ve been struggling with the Covid situation in Ontario you’re not alone. These times put the most optimistic soul to the test. Why not cheer yourself up with a little bit of bling to help you feel like your fabulous self in those long zoom meetings? Earrings are a great way to add some flare that will make you feel like the day is special even if you’re staying inside. Check out these leaf earrings by Aurora Simmons. They will add something special to your outfit and remind you that spring will be here sooner than you think!

We are open for in store shopping and we are extremely careful about maintaining Covid protocols so you can be sure that you will be shopping in comfort and safety.

Sunny Saturday!

After the warm weather we’ve had, it’s pretty wickedly cold out. But still sunny, yay! So, in honour of a Sunny Saturday, here’s a bit of a sunny curation of pieces from the Jewel Envy goldsmiths to enjoy!

Exciting earrings by (clockwise from top left): H jewellery, Urban Metal , Sticks v Stones and Glaciale Goldsmith

More exciting stuff! (Left to right) Top : Handmade Revolution, Kinsley Vey Designs Bottom: House of Cassady and Pash

We’ve got lots more exciting stuff in the studio, so drop in if you’re out and about. In any case, enjoy the sunny weather (but I suggest wrapping up warm!).


Custom Made

Yellow gold and a yellow diamond are perfectly paired in this ring made by Zef Radi of Radi Brothers Jewelry.
Blue gemstone eyes on a dragon pair bracelet made by Alex Kinsley of Kinsley Vey Design
Hand carved Wolf Lapel Pin made by Alexis Kostuk of glaciale goldsmith.
Earrings inspired by Fibonacci sequence made by Gillian Batcher of Pash Jewellery Design.
Interchangeable Pendant made by Robin Cassady-Cain of House of Cassady.

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