Sasha Oda – Today’s Artist Spotligh

  Sasha Oda from Archerade

  Today’s spotlight is on Sasha Oda,
is an amazing goldsmith and teacher. She has been a resident goldsmith at Jewel
Envy for some time but still has the drive and renewed energy and creativity of newbies combined with her experience to details and beautiful quality of craft that only time and experience can give you. 
She is driven and hardworking goldsmith with a
definitely recognizable style such as her bullet shaped gemstones bracelets,
earrings and necklaces with sharp angles and forms but still feminine for the elegant and strong woman of today. 
 Her style is
sharp, edgy and rock&troll in my view. I love all her pieces and can not
wait to have my own..

You can find most her pieces here at Jewel Envy or get
your own custom order for a definitely more unique piece. Sasha will also be
participating to the “Handmade Spring Pop Up Show”  May 1st – May 15th

 See below a sample of her creations, and if you want to see more, you can check her website,

 Ivane For Jewel Envy!

Fashion Entrepreneurship for Youth aged 20-29!

Hello Readers,

Jewel Envy was contacted by the Toronto Fashion Incubator to see if we might know people who would qualify for their entrepreneurship program this summer. I had a look at the information and it is a really exciting opportunity to obtain mentorship to help launch an accessory business. Successful applicants will even receive some funding to help create their line and press to help launch it. What could be better in this competitive field?!

So have a look below and go to an information session right away. We hope some amazing careers get started here this summer.

Best of luck to all applicants, maybe we’ll see you when you are looking for a home to run your successful business from in the future!


The Jewel Envy Team

I’m 20
– 29
 years of age
I have
Canadian SIN number and can legally work in Canada
available July 4 – August 3 and want to attend a FREE,
full-time summer boot camp
I want up
to $3,000 to launch an accessory business
am not a full-time student
I live
and work in Ontario
Wednesday, April 26 5:30pm U for Change,
563 Dundas Street East, Toronto
Tuesday, May 2 5:30pm Toronto City Hall,
100 Queen St West, Toronto
Tuesday, May 9 5:30pm Metro Hall, 55 John
Street, Toronto
Tuesday, May 16 5:30pm Etobicoke Civic
Centre, 399 The West Mall, Etobicoke
Tuesday, May 24 5:30pm North York Civic
Centre, 5100 Yonge St, North York
Wednesday, May 31 5:30pm U for Change, 563
Dundas Street East, Toronto
Tuesday, June 13 5:30pm Scarborough Civic
Centre, 150 Borough Drive, Scarborough

S-town Treasure

If you are interested in podcasts and haven’t given S-Town a chance, please do – I don’t think you will regret it.

I have been searching for images of things John B. McLemore created since listening to S-Town and especially wanted to come across the handmade astrolabe that John created for a friend; I just came across these yesterday:

 – Alexis

Carefully removing the astrolabe from it’s handmade containment.

Tom Moore posing with the astrolabe – a handmade piece created by John B. McLemore.

Upcoming Casting Class April 18th

 There is still space to sign up for our next upcoming 8 week Casting Class. CLICK HERE to register.

Check out our class samples!
Each student makes a ring, a cuttlefish casting and one final project using the carving skills we teach.
Samples of rings carved out of jeweller’s wax.
Samples of metal rings cast in sterling silver and bronze using the lost wax process and centrifugal casting.
Samples of cuttlefish castings (sterling silver/bronze).

Shop at Jewel Envy…ONLINE!

We always LOVE seeing our customers’ happy faces in person here at the Big Blue House but we know you can’t always make it in person to shop at Jewel Envy. 

Luckily for you we at Jewel Envy have solved that problem for you: now you can shop specific pieces from our resident goldsmiths online! Every month we will feature a jewellery line from one of talented resident goldsmiths. All you need to do is point your browser to and click on the SHOP tab to see what incredible pieces we have on offer!

This month we are featuring Amanda Henderson of Jewelust’s “A Crack In Space and Time” rings.

Plain sterling silver $225 plus HST

Sterling silver with oxidized crack $225 plus HST

Sterling silver with 14K yellow gold plated crack $250 plus HST

Inspired by Dr. Who and
loved by Whovian’s everywhere, now is your chance to shop the collection from

Each ring is made from a special blend of sterling silver that is
recycled and tarnish resistant. There are three versions available:
plain sterling silver, sterling silver with the “crack” oxidized, and
sterling silver with the “crack” 14K yellow-gold plated. All styles are
available in mirror polish or matte silver. Each ring is 6.5mm wide. The
rings are available in sizes 6 -11 (full and half sizes).

These will only be available online through Jewel Envy for a limited time so
place your order today! 

To make sure not to miss out on our time-limited monthly shop feature make sure visit our online shop regularly or better yet, sign up for our monthly e-newsletter!

Happy Shopping!

Cullinan Diamond

We are continuing our blog travel beauty, loveliness
and incredible things. 
The Cullinan Diamond  the largest  rough diamond ever found, weighing 3,106.75
carats (621.35 g), discovered at the Premier No. 2 mine in Cullinan,
in Pretoria, South Africa on
26 January 1905. It was named after the chairman of the mine, Thomas Cullinan.
The diamond was presented to the King Edward the II on his
birthday. The original rough diamond was split and cut into nine major stones,
called Collinan I, Collinan II all the way up to Cullinan IX.
The Cullinans have been in The Royal House of England
ever since.

These great photos show the splendor of the Cullinan I, II, III and IV

Cullinan I

   Cullian II
Cullinan III and IV
Diamonds have been treasured as gemstones since their use as
religious icons in ancient India
and related for centuries to true love and
eternal beauty. We’ve never come across a diamond in person of this size and quality, however we often come across family heirlooms that a worth more than physical attributes of a gem can encompass.  



I am Jerell, I have been fascinated with jewellery from a young age, 4 or 5.

Looking through my Mom’s jewellery box I would find her good jewellery and a pile of broken and discarded items.

I was amazed that items made of gold would be discarded.  It was usually chains that were tangled or were missing parts.

Even though I was a lively, energetic child, I still had the patience and the eyes for being able to detangle the chains.

Family have so many traditions and memories around jewellery.

For me jewellery was a right of passage.  Getting my first little gold ring with a turquoise at 7, a watch at 8,  charm bracelet at 10.  And then, charms through out my life ( when charm bracelets are in style I would add charms).

Growing up I watched my Mom get jewellery for special occasions, and sometimes just because.  The gift and occasions become memories for the entire family.

My sisters and I remember my Mom getting a new ring from the jewellery store in the Banff Springs Hotel.  We were out skating and when we came in we saw this beautiful Lapponia ring that my father got my Mom.  Just because..

As the years progressed, my father added to her collection of Lapponia.  Birks carried the line for many years.

Fast forward 30 years.  I was in Jewellery School and joined the Metal Arts Guild of Canada, I saw an exhibition that the group was putting on.

It was an exhibition of works that were inspired by the sculpture Björn Weckström’s. from Iceland – Lapland.   Bjorn Weckstrom was Lapponia principle designer.

His gold work represented the rough gold nuggets found in Iceland.  These look pretty similar to gold nuggets found in Northern Alberta during the goldrush.

The silver work is inspired by the vast winter landscape and the snow drifts.  It has a frosting achieved through depletion building.  Removing the copper content from Sterling silver, gives the metal a very white, frosted coating.
Image result for snow drifts in iceland

Photo from Fire and Ice Helicopter Tours of Iceland.

Lapponia and Star Wars

Planetoid Valleys necklace by Lapponia Jewelry.  Photo © Lucasfilm Ltd


Oooh look at this stone! It’s Arizona Chrysocolla, and it is just so beautiful. I love earthy gemstones, and this one in particular, with the shades of blue and green, and the matrix for texture and depth… what a knockout! It almost looks like the bird’s eye view of a turquoise blue ocean. I wish I had a neverending supply of this stone…
So I do not have a neverending supply, but I’ve decided to use this stone for inlay work. I don’t have the knowledge or tools to cut stones myself, but luckily I know a great lapidarist (hi Chorlun!!!) who can get the job done. Inlay work involves cutting and shaping a slice of stone, to fit perfectly and seamlessly into your piece.
This is the ring I made with the stone:
If you have ever considered having a piece custom made, choosing your own rough stone is such an amazing way to make the piece truly unique and one of a kind. And if you didn’t already know, every single goldsmith here at Jewel Envy loves doing custom work:)
Happy weekend!

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