Summer is Here!

There are so many pieces in the studio this morning that are making me excited for summer picnics and walks in the park! Check them out!

Cute little studs by Edna Milevsky.
More cute botanical studs by Aurora Simmons.
How cute are these acorns?! Also by Aurora Simmons.

Clean your Jewellery Regularly – Part 2

A continuation of one of our Blog Posts from April! See link below for our previous post.

Another product that is often used to remove tarnish is a chemical dip.

This is the harshest home removal method and proper care and consideration should be taken before using it. Dips are strong chemicals that can take off a fine layer of the metal (be aware they can remove plating over time and corrode some gemstones) but can also deposit a thin layer of chemicals that are difficult to remove.

If this thin film is not removed in the cleaning process the jewellery will tarnish faster than before, creating a cycle that will necessitate more frequent cleaning of your pieces.

To remove this layer of cleaner, pieces must be rinsed for a long period of time under clean water until the film is gone.

Chemical dips are corrosive, and gloves should always be worn when using them. As they are a strong cleaner for jewellery, they can damage some stones.

’20 Tips on maintaining our Jewellery’, Gillian E. Batcher, 2013

Laura’s Introduction

Hi fellow jewellery-lovers! My name is Laura Papworth and I’m a summer intern here at Jewel Envy. I’m going into my second year at George Brown in the Jewellery Arts program. Now that I’ve learned many of the technical skills that are integral to goldsmithing, I’m excited to get started on projects of my own which I envision will have lots of colour and fun shapes. My favourite project I did for school was a bezel set pendant. I’m very eager to experiment with more gem setting in the future. All of the jewellers here at Jewel Envy have amazing work that I’m already feeling very inspired by.

Bezel Set pendant made out of Sterling Silver and Spinel stone
Sterling Silver cast ring
Rhino design of pendant for competition

OCAD University GradEx 2023

I had the opportunity to check out OCAD Universities GradEx exhibtiion this month, specifically the MAAD Departments Jewellery Graduates. See some of my favourite images below!

Beautiful kinetic jewellery by Zoey Zhang
Beautiful kinetic jewellery by Zoey Zhang
Carrie Jiawen Ye
Angela Tian Qi Yang
Sadly this last student did not have any labels nor could were they labeled on the department social media!

I encourage anyone reading this to take a look at for much better photos and more detailed images! There were many more students I was not able to include here!


Pick a Posie

Showers bring flowers.

It is true in life, it is true in our hearts, and it is true at Jewel Envy.

Mother’s Day is next weekend (yes it is!), and the flower vendors will be ready, so we have picked out a beautiful bouquet of bloomy baubles for all of the Babas and Mamas in every genre.

We know exactly what we have in stock and what can be made within your timeline and budget, so don’t be shy to tell us what you are looking for when you drop by. This is what we do!

I’ve got that beachy feeling

It’s so sunny today, all I can think about is the beach. So here’s a set that is my favourite colour (blue) and reminds me of the beach and the sea!

Three pieces from Alex (Kinsley Vey Designs). Mainly sterling silver with some gold accents and blue resin enamel, they make a statement.

Hope you’re enjoying the sunny Saturday, and if you’re passing the studio, stop in and say hello!

May Day 2023

Tomorrow is the 1st of May and traditionally May Day is celebrated as the first day of Spring! Here at Jewel Envy we are celebrating with jewellery and gemstones that remind us of the coming spring!

Featured here are pieces from Glaciale Goldsmith, Shafiq’s Jewellery, and Edna Milevsky.
Shafiq’s Jewellery
Edna Milevsky
Glaciale Goldsmith

Clean your Jewellery regularly

The Basics of Jewellery Care: Clean your Jewellery regularly

For years of wearability, jewellery should be cleaned frequently. It is not advisable to let a thick coating of black tarnish build up on your jewellery as it can eventually eat away at metals and create permanent damage to the piece.

There are a variety of methods for cleaning Jewellery. For light tarnish a polishing cloth is the least abrasive method. There are two types of polishing cloths, plain and with rouge embedded in them.

Plain Cloth (Left) – Rouge Cloth (Right)

A plain cloth is perfect for weekly cleaning of your pieces. It must be a cloth designed for cleaning jewellery as the fibers in these cloths will not scratch the metal.

You would be surprised that some cloths can actually put scratches into silver and gold jewellery as they have hardness greater than the metals. Use a polishing cloth by rubbing it over the surface of your jewellery. Chains can be pulled through the cloth as you pinch them lightly between the cloth in your fingers.

For a slightly heavier cleaning use a cloth embedded with rouge. Rouge is a polishing compound used in the final stage of finishing jewellery. It can be used on all metals and on most gemstones (check with a jeweller first). After rubbing your jewellery with the rouge embedded side of the cloth rub the jewellery with the non-rouge side of the cloth to remove the compound. Wash your hands well after touching rouge as it is a strong chemical and can easily transfer to other items you subsequently touch.

If you find that the cloths are not removing the tarnish the next step is a metal cleaner that is rubbed on with a sponge under running water. Polishing compounds such as this remove a thin layer of the metal in the process of removing the tarnish. Be careful if you are cleaning plated jewellery as repeated polishing will remove plating over time.

’20 Tips on maintaining our Jewellery’, Gillian E. Batcher, 2013

Sunny Saturday!

It’s definitely April (right? April showers…and all that!). It’s a bit dreary and wet outside (although a reasonable temperature). It’s always sunny in the studio, though! In honour of the sun, here’s a small curated collection from the bubbles in the studio that make me think of the sun!

It’s all about the sun today!

Large necklace by Robin (House of Cassady), then clockwise from the bottom: Citrine ring by Gillian (Pash Jewellery Designs), opal stud earrings by Aurora (Handmade Revotion), hoop earrings by Alexis (Glaciale Goldsmith), half moon pendant by Karyn (Sticks vs Stones), pod earrings by Alex (Kinsley Vey Designs) and bracelet by Jen (Frekkel Designs)

Hope to see you soon!

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