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I thought I would write more of a personal blog for this weeks entry. Last week we celebrated our five year anniversary and we are still going strong. Jewel Envy has been my little baby and making it past the five year mark has meant the world to me. I think it’s important for everyone to know I could not have done it without the help of my family and the wonderful artists I have been lucky enough to meet and work with since Jewel Envy opened. Special thanks to Jewel Envy’s own studio manager Alexis Kostuk for thinking outside the box and always coming up with creative solutions!

Getting this cooperative space off the ground certainly presented challenges but every year we find new ways to grow and expand. This year we did it through our traveling exhibition of our jewellers work as well as our student exhibition of work made by Jewel Envy students. Through both initiatives we have been involved in the arts community and my hope is that we have and are making studio jewellery more accessible to the general public.

Stay tuned for some exciting developments in 2012. We have already starting planning so keep in touch with us!

All of the best for the season and coming year!

I’ve noticed over the past year that there is a trend for wearing hand jewellery. When I say that, I mean jewellery that covers the back of your hand connecting to one or a series of rings, and a chain or something around the wrist. I was trying to figure out what the actual name for this Indian inspired adornment is and, although the internet is not always honest, I think they are called panjas.
They can be quite exquisite and intricate, or fairly simple.

Either way, I think they’re a really cool statement piece.

Nicole Scherzinger was seen wearing a hand bracelet by Privé on The X-Factor a couple weeks ago. Hers is a bit different, only resting on the palm. And oh heck yes it’s diamonds and white gold

I think I’m going to make a piece inspired by this trend!

P.S. Don’t forget about our holiday party Dec 8th!

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