Busy Sunday

Ever wonder what we do here at Jewel Envy? Well, today is your day! I’ve captured some action shots of a few of us hard at work.

Sally of May Second fusing powdered glass to create a flower stamen for an upcoming JE exhibition.
Chia-Chien of Ellolite carving antlers in wax, also for the upcoming JE exhibition.

Sasha of Archerade casting custom silver stacking rings and a new ring of her design.
Sally preparing a neckpiece for polishing.

 Hope you’ve enjoyed this jeweller-eye-view! Happy Sunday!


8 Week Intro to Fabrication Projects

Last week I finished up the last 8 week intro to fab class that I will teach at Jewel Envy. I know *tear*. It was such a great group to work with, couldn’t have asked for a nicer for enthusiastic group of girls. They all did a really great job with their projects so I want to share them with you.
Here’s what they made. Be proud of yourselves ladies. Enjoy!

Seeing Circles

You’ve heard of seeing stars, well, I’m seeing circles. Today, to catch up some missed hours ( thank you winter blues), I have been working since ten this morning. It’s not at all bad, in fact I’ve had a great day. The only downside is that after cutting so many circles in wax I now see circles everywhere I look. These little green wax circles don’t look like much yet but they’re destined  be itty bitty, delicate flowers in just about any metal you could ask for. They could be part of earnings, pendant, bracelets, rings. So much potential all with a diameter under 6mm. This is why I spend  many hours here. Even the tiniest little steps, repeated over and over until you see circles become beautiful when put together. It’s so calming too. Gives me a chance to let my mind wander, listen to podcasts and talk to our wonderful goldsmiths.


So you guys know we LOVE doing custom work here at Jewel Envy, right? If you have ever thought of getting something made for you or a loved one, but didn’t know where to start, let me help point you in an interesting direction:)
Here at the studio, we have a selection of beautiful and unusual gemstones, that are just begging to be put to good use.
Here are a few of them:
This is amolite. What a beautiful shimmery colour! Absolutely perfect for spring. This would be amazing as the focal point of a necklace, but it would also make your friends green with envy (sorry, had to do it!) as a large and in-charge cocktail ring.

 Smithsonite. It reminds me of sea glass, though this is actually zinc. It makes me think of the beach, and it would look perfect against a backdrop of a sunkissed tan!:)
Watermelon Tourmaline. So so so juicy and the perfect embodiment of summer picnics and fireworks in the park. These two beauties would be absolutely stunning as a matched pair of earrings, don’t you think?!
These beautiful gemstones really give life and personality to your design – their not-so-standard shapes and spectacular colours are a great starting point for an entirely original and one-of-a-kind piece.
Have a great and sunny day!
xx sash

Judith’s introduction

I would like to introduce myself as a goldsmith at Jewel Envy.
This studio is just a great workplace with a lot of interesting people
and my work will be on display tomorrow.

I apprenticed in Germany with a master jeweller and graduated at School for Fine Arts in
Hamburg, Germany.Then worked  free lance for several studios and galleries.

As a new immigrant I worked in the jewellery industry in Toronto for 10 years.
Now I am self employed, doing custom orders and creating my own line.

Talk to you soon!

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