Weekend Spotlight: Winfield Design!

Kathy Winfield joined the Jewel Envy studio last spring, and has been producing beautiful work since! She has an eye for design and simplicity that allows for the natural qualities of the materials used to shine.

Below are some of her recent pieces:

Roman Inspired Coil Bangle; Sterling Silver
Twist Hoops, Sterling Silver
Hand Carved Band; Sterling Silver
Chain Bracelet & Earrings; Sterling Silver

Come into the shop and see some of the elegant work produced by Winfield Designs in person!

Take your jewellery off before you go to sleep!

The Basics of Jewellery Care

Take your jewellery off before you go to sleep!

It may sound obvious but many people are in the habit of sleeping with their rings on.

So why does this matter? Your hands often swell at night and if you are wearing a ring all the time you may become so accustomed to it that you might not realize it has drastically reduced the circulation to your finger, which can cause nerve damage.

Another problem that may occur over time is that your hands can change around the ring, so that it no longer comes off at any point.

Both of these situations can lead to a trip to the hospital and end with a surgeon cutting off your ring.

If you like your ring, protect it and take it off at night.

’20 Tips on maintaining our Jewellery’, Gillian E. Batcher, 2013

Chain Chain Chain

When it comes to goldsmithing and jewellery making, chains are pretty much essential. Whether large or small, handmade or machine made, the chain we choose needs to work with the aesthetic of the piece, and hold up to the practical needs and weight of the piece. These choices also determine the cost of the finished piece, so financial balance is considered by our goldsmiths as well. Ideally, we want to feel good about every aspect of our jewellery, so here is a mini breakdown to help you decide.

Handmade and Hearty

Handmade chains tend to be unique and chunky. The desire for a handmade chain is the desire to see and feel the creativity of the artist. These pieces are statement pieces – one of a kind and easy to identify as yours. They tend to be made of solid material, like the solid Sterling silver pieces shown here, or solid gold that can be made upon request.

Half and Half

Almost any chain can be handmade, but the amount of labour it takes to form and solder each link in a dainty, long, symmetrical chain, makes it impossible to compete with the cost of machine made chains. Sometimes, a goldsmith will use machine made chain, not only to balance the cost, but to balance the weight of the piece. This way, the piece falls properly, without turning in a way that requires constant adjustment.

Smart, Savvy, and Symmetrical

We know that machines can make lighter, daintier, more affordable symmetrical chains, but it is not just in their technique. Machines are able to make chain out of material that is not solid gold/silver, such as very light, hollow links, or base metal wire with gold fused around it. The durability and wearablitily differs depending on your intention for these chains, and we have some beautiful options for sale in the studio.

If you are looking for a statement chain, a signature look, an easy accessory, or a replacement for a favourite pendant, come by the studio and let us guide you through the best options for your needs. We are more than happy to nerd out on ideas, or set you up with a quick, effective solution, whichever works best for you!

For the Custom of Love

This post is going to be for the organised.

Having just come through an intense holiday season, you may not be ready to talk about Valentine’s. However, if you are thinking that you or a loved one would adore a gorgeous custom creation on February 14th, this is exactly the time to get that started.

Custom pieces do not fall to a specific timeline, so it is good to come to us with an idea as soon as you can. We can start the ball rolling by email, in person, or even over the phone. Not only do we assist people directly, we also can take notes or create a wish list of someone’s desires for a special piece. This way, a loved one in need of direction and guidance is sure to get it right, just by coming into the studio with their loved one’s name as a reference.

Recently, we made a gorgeous gift for a couple who wanted their connection to be reflected in a couple’s creation. They requested matching necklaces that come together to form a symbol of harmony and balance – the Yin and Yang.

Make sure everything fits
Make sure they work separately
Lovely Together
Lovely on Their Own

If you have ideas about special people or moments you would like to express in a beautiful custom piece, reach out to us and let us create something wonderful.

Garnets–it’s January, right?

So, winter seems to have (maybe?) arrived…although happily, it’s a nice sunny Saturday! In honour of starting another trip round the sun (and because I’m a January baby), let’s spotlight the garnet.

Garnets are the January birthstone, and when you think of garnets, you might think of red/burgundy, and you’d be right. What you may be less familiar with, is the wide range of colours that garnet comes in, including orange (my favourite!), and green.

Different colours of garnet

There’s lots of information about garnets available- the nitty gritty about their structure and variants, as well as the lore behind them. For example, did you know that the word garnet comes from an old word for pomegranate? Or that they were the height of trendy during the Victorian era?

Garnets are a great stone, they’re reasonably hard, so they’re durable, they come in a range of colours, and they’re usually pretty budget friendly, making them a great choice for jewellery!

Earrings by Robin (House of Cassady), sterling silver with garnets and needled felt)

We hope you’ll wander in to the studio and see the exciting pieces we have available, or talk to us about making your jewellery wish come true in a custom piece incorporating garnets!

Have a great day!

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Growth Ring by Alex Kinsley of Kinsley Vey Design

April Necklace by Karyn Houston of Sticks vs Stone

Studs by Natalia Naranjo of Naty Naranjo Jewellery

Lapis Lazuli Ring by Shafiq Sarwari of Shafiq Jewelry

Blue Jays by Gillian Batcher of Pash Jewellery Design
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