Spring, are you there?

I don’t know about you, but I am definitely ready for spring. Not just for the warmer weather and casual strolls down the street instead of running from A to B so I don’t have to spend time in the arctic wind, but also because I am ready for a bit of colour. You know, flowers, grass, clothing that consists of more than black coats, and jewellery (of course!).

Something I am really excited about is a new line of stacking rings that I am working on that will be made out of the different colours of gold (yellow, rose, green) and have coloured gemstones. What colour combo would you like?

Panton colours spring summer 2014
I’m going to have a Hemolck/green gold combo, and a Violet Tulip/rose gold combo!

It’s been almost three months since i started the internship at Jewel Envy, each time i have learned something new and old. By old, it means solidifying my existing skills, which was taught only one way in school. To learn techniques from different perspectives broadens my vision and at the same time makes my less fussy about “you can only get it right, if you do this way.” One of the exciting new skills or experience is cutting diamonds off a gold ring. The whole experience was nerve-racking and fun. The minute when the tiny diamond popped out of prong, i felt pretty accomplished. look forward to new experience in Jewel Envy.

Instagram Envy

What have our jewellers been instagramming lately? Check it out!

Jewel Envy @jewelenvy

Delicious juicy #gemstones! Choose a stone, and work with a goldsmith for an amazing custom piece of jewellery #jewelenvy #parkdale #roncesvalles #handmadejewellery #customjewellery      

Glaciale @glaciale_goldsmith

Just finished! Custom rose gold charm. #madeintoronto #madeincanada #madebyme #customize #buyhandmade #glaciale #goldsmith #jewelenvy #instajewelrygroup #roncesvallesretail #parkdale

Jewelust @jewelust

Not just for the guys! #DoctorWho #CrackInTimeandSpace ring #DrWho #mattsmith  

Cathcart Designs @cbass2083

More work! #cathcartdesigns #jewelenvy #imadethis #handmadejewellery

Tete Designs @tetedesigns

#New #earrings#jewellery#collection#minimalist#fashion

Lauren Hanham Designs @la_sass

Working on an old idea that I keep putting off. Recycled pretty wine bottle cap pendants. Coming soon! #jewellery #recycled #laurenhanhamjewellerydesigns #instajewelrygroup #upcycled #threadbanger #threadhead

Archerade @archerade

New ring! And just in time for the weekend #archerade #handmadejewellery

Get (Gem)stoned

Hello everybody!  If you’re anything like me, you are walking in the beautiful sunshine, daydreaming about gemstones.  Well gemstones and sushi, in all honesty, but that’s besides the point.  We here at Jewel Envy understand your, ahem, jewel envy, and want to help you bring your wonderful and colourful dreams to life.  So take a look at this!

If you think it looks like a tray of gemstones, you are absolutely correct.  These gemstones are for sale here at the studio, and you can work with a goldsmith to create an amazing and beautiful custom piece of jewellery.  How amazing is that?!  
Gemstones are a really great way to add colour, dimension, and texture to your jewellery and your wardrobe.  Here are some pieces for sale here at Jewel Envy, to inspire you and get your creative juices flowing.
 Love these! Pierced earrings with turquoise nuggets
by Lauren Hanham Jewellery Designs
Drop it like it’s hot!  Pearl drop pendant and crocheted chrysoprase drop earrings
by Hyewon Jang/H Jewelry and Fatima Tataragic of Tete Jewellery (respectively)
Big statement rings!  For cloudy days by the seashore:)
by Young Kyoung Ko of Koko Bijoux and Helena Perez Laufaurie

Check out these amethyst stunners!
by Gillian Batcher of Pash Jewellery Designs and Alexis Kostuk of Glaciale

So come on down and drool over our gemstone selection!  
xx Sash

Custom Jewellery

I recently had the pleasure of creating some custom jewellery for a customer and I wanted to show off the necklaces, take a look!

The customer brought in a strand of coral branches she wanted to use, here are the loose pieces after I removed them from the strand.

Here are the design sketches that I presented to the customer; they were really open minded so I did some options for necklaces and earrings – there were lots of beads to use!

The customer decided on two necklaces, to give as gifts. Finished necklace #1.

Finished necklace #2.

The necklaces were a joy to make, and it goes to show that you can always reinvent old strands of beads that you might have lying around.  Maybe you have some beads or old pieces of jewellery lying around that could be revamped, drop by the studio and inquire! 

Jewellery Trends: Spring 2014

Big. Bold. Beautiful Baubles.

Well by the looks of the Spring 2014 Fashion shows we have seen so far this year size definitely matters. Large pieces with gemstones and acrylics dominate the runway. Gold, gold and more gold! Take a look at some of Jewel Envy’s favourites:

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