Two weeks after the Outdoor Show!

July is starting to wind down, and it’s been a busy one!
For those of you who didn’t know, I participated in the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition at Nathan Phillips Square on July 9-11. It was a great weekend, and despite setting up in a torrential downpour.
I had the help of my father again, who likes to drive in from Montreal (or rather, I volunteered his services for a weekend…. parents are handy that way). The show was a huge success despite many roadblocks that made it harder to work at the studio (G20 Summit….a downtown power outage).
I finished many new designs and showed over 60 pieces of jewellery. I was really honoured to receive the award for Best Jewellery in that category for the second year in a row – I didn’t think it possible! Now I am gearing up for our group exhibition “RED” in which I will make jewellery inspired by debt, visual language of sales and advertising……..I’m sitting here cutting out many many many “red tags” with the word “sale”…which will eventually turn into a necklace of giant proportions.

Next enameling class is scheduled to begin Wednesday, August 18th! This 8 week class will run Wednesdays from 6:30 to 9:30 pm and is offered at a beginner (no experience necessary) or intermediate level (for those who have taken fabrication and beginner enameling or equivalent elsewhere) Can’t wait!

Please visit my Metal Arts Guild page for more photos from the Outdoor Show and some of my most recent work!

Signing off for now!

– Emily

Open Up.

Hi, Jennifer the Intern here, checking in to share some thoughts on this past weekend…
 It is good to be open.  Open concept, open-ended, open for business, open to possibility.  The best part of “open” is the process, the opening, if you will.  There is a dual, hopeful anticipation of both the opener and the open-ee, as the mental or physical boundaries are pried away and “new” is revealed.  As artists, we participate on both sides, often simultaneously.  We stir our creative soup to see what will present itself to us, then prepare it to share with someone else who shares with us again.  In the best openings, there is thrill of the find, thrill of the risk, and lots of wine with good bread and cheese.
Saturday night was the opening of Gillian Batcher’s work at Robin Gray’s newly transplanted Organic Metal Gallery, 578 College Street.  The space is elegant and comfortable and… well… organic?  It’s obviously not the T2, mercury-looking, crazy, living metal biosphere one might hope for when thinking of “organic metal”, but the insurance would be through the roof on something like that, so it’s okay.  Wood has been beautifully introduced into the space, including the nice, large cases for featured work and sweet, natural touches added with great craftsmanship.
The work that was opened Saturday night added playful, fresh colour to the space and a great opportunity to show Gillian’s enthusiasm for enameling.  The party was fun and the best way to get the metal-heads off the bench, around jewellery, onto good conversations, and into a little booze.  Cynthia was a perfect goldsmith host 🙂  Afterwards, the Jewel Envy crew went out to dinner on College Street, which is never a bad thing, and ended the night happy and half-asleep.

What’s NEW??

Hi all, this is my turn to blog this week or last week 😛 Sorry of delaying if you follow our blog. First of all, I want to congrats Emily Gill who won the best jeweler in TOAE. Emily, you rock!

I have been working hard on my first mirror locket for Red. It took me a while figuring out the best way of depicting the theme which is Snow White. I use copper to build the shape. It is actually my first time of making things with copper, and it wasn’t easy because it’s so soft after heating. Therefore, I spend a lot of time on fixing my mistakes during construction! Finally, I encountered those technical difficulties and it is almost DONE! Woohoo….I can’t wait to see the finish product myself. However, I should calm down a little since I tend to ruin things when I get too excited or try to rush it. (pictures will be updated for showing process)

Here is a site I like to share with you. Maybe you guys have heard of it already.
It is an inspirational site. It’s a huge community where people from various profession and talk about different things such as science, arts, culture and etc. I just found a topic that reminds me of what I am doing now. It is, Yves Behar on designing ojects that tell stories. Now I am going to listen and to find out what he is trying to tell us!
Also, I watched a documentary, Objectified. It talked about industrial design and what is considered as good design. Even though I am a jewellery designer, I personally learn a lot from their aspect and beauty of design.

Talk to you all soon!

Roaming around the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibit

   After a morning of laundry and discovering my new cat’s hiding place I made my way over the Nathan Phillips Square to enjoy the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibit.  It was wondeful to see so many great artists gathered together to show new work and sell it directly to the public, I’m always excited to browse around all the booths.

I visited Emily Gill to give her a small break to buy ice cream and to congratulate her on winning the “Best of Jewellery” category.  Congratulations Emily, looks like all the hard work you have been doing has paid off for the second year in a row, woohoo! 

I stopped by Amanda DelaCruz’s booth to check out her new work.  I first met Amanda at the 2009 grad show at the Ontario College of Art and Design and since then she has taken an enameling course at Jewel Envy.  She has been busy ever since, got herself a kiln and has been creating lovely work combining enameled pieces with fabric and ribbon. It was wonderful to see such a breadth of new work from her, keep it up Amanda!

I passed by Joyce Jia-Yi Yang‘s booth and paused to look over miniture trowels and spades made with mokume handles.  Also an amazingly constructed umbrella fabricated out of metal – truly amazing!

Another jeweller that I took note of was Ko Park.  She has created amazing CAD created rings that you can assemble together with alternative acrylic parts, they are so much fun!

I ended off the day chatting with Kristofir Dean catching up with him since his visit to Toronto from B.C. is coming to an end and I left the show with one of his paintings, I’m such a lucky girl!

I had a good time browsing around, if you didn’t be sure to check out the artists links I attached and take a peak!  You can also check the online catalogue of artists from the show.


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