Artist Spotlight on Ivane Thiebaut

A few short weeks ago we welcomed Ivane Thiebaut as a resident goldsmith at Jewel Envy.  A native of Paris and truly a citizen of the world (she came to Toronto via Australia AND Chicago!), Ivane brings her unique worldview to jewellery line.

Having travelled the world, Ivane identifies with the idea of home which is reflected in her Canadian line. 

These “In The Wild Antlers” are available in Sterling silver or rose gold-plated over Sterling and as a necklace, earrings or pendant.

You can see the influence of Ivane’s travels to the Middle East in these lovely “new bohemian” drop earrings.

Imagine yourself in a caftan strolling the casbah in these delicious “Drop
of Pink” earrings, handmade with fresh water pearls and dyed agate on 24ct yellow gold.

Why limit colour to your ears when you can layer on the facetted pink, green, or red tourmalines in Ivane’s “Open Rings” in Sterling silver.

 Come visit Ivane in the studio and experience her incredible Parisian accent firsthand as she gives you an around the world tour of her incredible jewellery.


I want to be in the jewellery business but am not a maker. Can I?!

Have you every thought you might want to make your own jewellery or  design and build your own line of jewellery?

You have a million ideas but you have never taken a jewellery class.

But really how hard can it be?  Right?

Jewel Envy has a few different solutions.
1. Learn to fabricate your own jewellery line.
2. Design a line and have another goldsmith or trade shop make it for you.
3. Have another designer both design and make it for you under your own label.

At Jewel Envy we are excited when we meet people that want to learn we what do. We teach  introductory up to advanced classes in fabrication for one of a kind pieces and lost wax casting to make production or multiples of the same item.

Students gain an appreciation for the skills and time required to design, fabricate, and  finish  even the simplest band ring and get a beautiful mirror finish.  While some students become passionate for the process, and continue to manufacture the brand themselves, others decide to have someone else make it for them. 

Mia Chen, one of our resident goldsmith works on such projects.  She currently collaborates with one company but other goldsmiths work with a variety of small businesses. Mia has a keen eye for good design, and is fabulous at interpreting others ideas which has made the process of bringing someone else’s vision to life both possible and profitable.

Mia takes direction from the company she works with but adds much to this process as a skilled goldsmith who can discuss the design and then make a prototype. Sometimes Mia will show how the design can be slightly altered saving time and materials, and a new prototype evolves.

Once the prototype is approved it is ready to be manufactured either by Mia in our studio, or the company she works with has it sent overseas for production.  Other clients work a little differently by starting with an item they want to have made and a target wholesale price.

We can’t release the name of our clients, due to confidentiality, but we are happy to report that our clients who manufacture abroad look for ethical partners on the manufacturing end.

If this has peaked your interest and ends up being in line with what you have been thinking send us an email with the details or drop in to the store in person to discuss your exciting foray into the world of jewellery!

Hi Judith!

This is Judith Noldin:
She is a resident goldsmith here at Jewel Envy, selling her lovely jewellery under her own line, called IN Jewellery. Two of her pieces are featured in this week’s Save vs Splurge, and here they are:
 This is the adorable Acorn pendant. Fabricated in sterling silver, this sweet thing hangs on an extra-long sterling chain. It’s a save at $160.

 This is the Bell pendant, with an 18KT yellow chain for a beautiful two-tone effect. It is an actual bell, which chimes softly as you move. This one is a bit of a splurge at $550.
Have a great long weekend!

Artist Spotlight on Micheline Roi!

Happy Sunday Readers!

This week we are showcasing the work of our talented resident goldsmith Micheline Roi, of Atelier J Contemporary Jewelry. Micheline’s passion for design certainly comes through in her creations. Micheline’s bold and colourful pieces are a great way to celebrate every day.

Micheline’s Fresh Laundry necklace can be worn as a great reminder to appreciate the simple things in life. This whimsical piece encompasses the beauty of a breezy day. 
Her Little Black Earrings are just as versatile as a little black dress. Elegant and essential for any wardrobe and style, these earrings are a perfect addition to any jewellery collection.

 Please come and visit us to see more of Micheline’s colourful and contemporary statement jewellery!


Ode to the Mothers at Jewel Envy!

Tomorrow is mother’s day. We think of mother’s day as a day to thank mom for caring for us, family, and always being around. As a soon to be mom myself I wanted to highlight how important it is to recognize your mom outside of the traditional roles she has played for you. No matter what she has done in her family life there is another side to her that is often overlooked. She may have a career, hobbies, important relationships outside the family and so much more. Your mom is a multi dimensional person and it is all of those additional traits and passions that makes her the wonderful person you will be honoring this weekend.

Below I would like to highlight the amazing work of the goldsmiths in the space who also share the hat of being a mom when when they are not working on their own business. To be able to do both jobs well takes tremendous talent and dedication.

Thank you moms for inspiring your kids and being you!

Hyewon Jang (mother of two sons)
Ivane Thiebaut (mother of one son)
Helena Perez Lafaurie (mother of one daughter)


Gillin Batcher (soon to be mother of first child)

Happy Mother’s Day Everyone,


Spotlight on Hyewon Jang!

Happy Sunday Readers,

This week we are showcasing some Champagne-esque Bubble necklaces from Hyewon Jang’s Bubble Series. For this series, Hyewon was particularly inspired by the round and bubbly shape of these cultured pearls. Coupled with Sterling Silver, these pearls create elegant forms and colour combinations that are perfect for everyday wear and dressing up for a bubbly event.

Hyewon often draws inspiration from nature for her delicate and elegant
creations. She is currently working on a Flower Series which is just in
time for Spring. Be sure to visit us to see more of Hyewon’s beautiful pieces, a perfect way to add elegance to your Spring style!

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