Hello Sunday Readers,
Like many of us I am often thinking of the warmth and sun of
Springtime and this can be seen in my new work called, Shining Fall Collection,
at h.p.lafaurie Jewellery Design.
For a close up look at the magic Shining Fall collection,
shop online or at our studio
This series was inspired by the transition to fall. The
nights get cooler but summers embrace has not been forgotten. These pieces will
help you twinkle into the next season and keep the days of Fall shining along
with you!
I LOVE little things that shine and make noises.  My silver necklace, pendent and earrings are
in constant motion and make sounds when you wear them.
On a wet and dreary day, like today which is the perfect
day to stay inside, reading a good book and sharing time with friends and
family, I invite you to take the time to enjoy my collection online. Feel the
reassurance that the sun and good times are always in our hearts.
I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoyed making it.
Custom variations are available.
Have a nice Sunday

Special Event Sunday!

We at the Big Blue House on Roncy in Toronto are always up to special things!

Earlier this year we started to curate our Roncesvalles Avenue windows and the results have been VERY SPECIAL. We feature a new goldsmiths’ work every six weeks and they have a chance to design the windows of their dreams featuring their very own spectacular jewellery.

This month we unveiled Ivane Thiebault’s work in our three street-side windows—and they are deliciously eye-catching!

Ivane Thiebault’s Monstera Leaf drop earrings in sterling silver

A native of Paris and truly a citizen of the world (she came to Toronto via Australia AND Chicago!), Ivane brings her unique worldview to her jewellery line.

Having travelled the world, Ivane identifies with the idea of home which is reflected in her Canadian line.

Ivane’s Antler pendant in solid sterling silver

Ivane is in Paris right now for a little business, research and r and r before the holiday rush.  We miss her and wish her a safe journey back to studio.  Maybe we should send her one of her very own Love Letter from Toronto bracelets to speed her journey back!

Love Letter from Toronto bracelet

If you would like to see the windows in person come on by the big blue house on Roncesvalles—you have until November 16 to see these eye-catching displays!

Even better, pop into the store to pick up your very own IT Designs piece.

Competition is a celebration of
everyone’s accomplishments.

Dear Sunday Readers,
me, competition is not about winning or gauging my skill level compared
to that of others. For me, competition is principally about
participating in an event
with people I respect and admire, where everyone gets to share with one
another how much progress they have made through their hard work and
diligence. Competition, when viewed like this, is a celebration of
everyone’s accomplishments.
Jewel Envy we have competitions once a year. The goldsmith at Jewel
Envy are all so incredibly talented, I look forward each year to seeing
what my peers
can do and rejoicing in their and my own advancements and creativity.
This year, the competition required making pieces with blue topaz.
You can enjoy the exhibition online or in our studio for a close up look at the magic!
The pieces exhibited this year are all very different and unique and you can see each goldsmith’s personality shine through.
Vote for your favorite piece online or at our studio and let us know what you think!
Voting is open from September 15 to October 31, 2017. Don’t miss the opportunity to participate!
We hope you enjoy admiring the work as much as we all enjoyed making it.

Have a nice Sunday



Happy Shop Saturday all!
It’s kind of a dreary wet day out there, which is kind of too bad, but also kind of perfect for staying inside, reading blogs, and thinking about future jewellery purchases😉
Today I would like to introduce you to the Rorschach line of jewellery, designed and handcrafted by Micheline Roi of Atelier J. Inspired by – surprise! – the famous Rorschach inkblot tests, this line includes brooches and earrings at a variety of pricepoints.

The lasercut brooches are $30 apiece, in either mirrored acrylic or baltic birch.

 These earrings are copper, and then plated with a black nano-ceramic coating. Save on the small pair at $65, or splurge just a bit more on the large pair at $95.

 The small sterling pair are $75, and the large pair are $125.

 These are gold-plated sterling silver. The small pair are $80, and the large pair are $150.

A Rorschach collage.

Personally, I would be interested in seeing these earrings in 14k yellow gold because, well, gold. If that is also your choice, good for you and your great taste, get in touch for pricing!

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