Show time forTammy MacClennan

Hello Readers!

Our AMAZINGLY talented metal smith Tammy MacClennan  is having three on going exhibitions around this time.  I am happy to share her exhibition information and her gorgeous works here.

1.  Craft Ontario :   Materialize
     Art Gallery of Burlington : SEP 23 – NOV 28

                                                             Component Necklace #2

2.  Carmichael Canadian Landscape Exhibition :  Tradition Transformed
     Orillia Museum of Art & History : SEP 29 – NOV 12

                                                       Spoon for Returning Baby Bird to Nest

3.  Headwaters Arts Festival
     Alton Mill Arts Center :  SEP 26 – OCT 10

                                                                 Tomatoes , Halved

Splurge vs Steal! Hand painted enamel gemstones!

Hello Readers!

This weeks Splurge vs Steal features hand painted enamel pieces made by Jewel Envy’s manager and resident Goldsmith, Alexis Kostuk. This necklace and earrings highlight the beautiful facets and sparkle of gemstones using a hand painted technique in enamel.

Alexis’ designs often incorporate bold colours and intriguing design elements making her pieces a must-have for jewellery lovers!
Visit us at the studio to see more of Alexis’ designs!


 Mia Simiao Shen
It’s a great pleasure and
privilege to be able to write some words about Mia Simiao Shen
Mia is– as every single
one at the studio–not only a goldsmith, she is an artist, in the most unbelievable way

In her own words, “I
explore the power of visual beauty and utilize basic visual elements such as,
line, colour, shape, texture, direction, and dimension in my jewellery
Her work uses a combination of traditional
metalsmithing techniques with an industrial-looking approach to design,
going from hand production methods to
machine-aided production. using laser to cut the wood she added among many
other materials to her pieces.

One of her incredible
pieces is this brooch pictured below.

Untitled, Brooch,
Materials: Sterling silver, Indian rose wood. Technique: fabrication and laser
cut. 7.5cm h x 7.7 cm w x 3cm d.
This second brooch, in
Sterling silver, and wood demonstrates the pinnacle of her design and fabrication

Untitled, Brooch.
Materials: Sterling silver, wenge wood. Technique: fabrication and laser cut.
6cm h x 8.2cm  w x 2.5cm d.

The last one of her pieces
pictured on the blog today is the Magnetic Bracelet.

Untitled, Brooch.
Materials:Steel, Sterling silver,
magnets, acetate, and wax.
I call these untitled
pieces, Beauty 1, Beauty 2, and  Beauty 3
 Wikipedia defines the experience
of “beauty” often involves an interpretation of some entity as being
in balance and 
harmony with nature, which may lead to feelings of attraction and emotional well-being. Because this can be a subjective experience, it is often said that
“beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”
Dear Sunday readers, I
leave you here, a piece of imagination and creativity that I hope will enrich
your mind.


Trying to hit my stride at the bench!

It is a bit of a rainy day down here on Roncy but that is ok since I have had an extremely productive day! I took a short break from bench work as my pregnancy was coming to an end and then a little more time off to get to know my new daughter. It’s been a strange kind of time for me as a new mom. I love getting to know my new baby but I have been eager to also get back to work.

There is definitely a tug of war going on in my head for what I want to do and where I want to be. Today I finally felt like I was getting back into the stride of working with playful exhibition work for the Toronto Offsite Design Festival.

I have always loved kids toys and now I have so many reasons to think about them, play with them, and now transform some of those ideas into metal. And that my favourite jewellery blog readers will be my little teaser for my work in the Jewel Envy exhibition for the TODF. Stay tuned for more details about the show this fall!

Artist Spotlight on Micheline Roi

As luck would have it, today’s jewel envy artist spotlight will be written by the artist herself, moi Micheline Roi!

It’s a great opportunity to let you know what extra curricular jewellery activity I’ve been up to.  Aside from my custom jewellery work and my production line, one of my loves is art jewellery.

What is art jewellery you ask?  Well, in short, it is jewellery that focuses on creative expression over all else. Using traditional and experimental metalsmithing techniques–and often borrowing heavily from the visual arts’ grab bag of material and methods–the artist sets out to make a work of art that communicates a thought or idea. In other words, art jewellery is an opportunity for the goldsmith to explore big ideas.

Looking to exercise this particular muscle, I was encouraged by my fellow goldsmith’s at Jewel Envy (we’re good at that!) to apply to an international competition called The Contemporary Jewelry Exchange which is “an art project where jewellery artists from all over
the world, are paired and asked to create a unique contemporary piece
of jewelry for each other.”

And guess what…I got accepted to participate!  Even better, I got matched with an incredible artist Rachel Suzanne Smith.

Rachel Suzanne Smith’s wearable sculpture-winner of he 2016 Niche awards

Rachel and I met by Skype to talk about our exchange and brainstorm ideas to explore. It was a meeting of like minds, we dove into a long discussion of possible directions for our project. Both Rachel and I are interested in the idea of communication through art and soon we landed on the question: Can we understand our work better via the lack of control given when the wearer of our work is the curator rather than ourselves?  In other words: when an artist creates something, s/he is making it with an idea/message in mind but what happens when the wearer of the jewellery interprets the piece differently–does this add or subtract from the work?

Rachel’s idea map following our brainstorming session.

Once Rachel and I settled on this idea, we set about our design/making separately without communication with each other (my idea because I wanted to surprise Rachel and be surprised by Rachel work when it arrives for me).

This summer I have been busy thinking/sketching/designing/testing ideas. I have settled on working with  Rorschach ink blot shapes–for their historical use in psychological diagnosis/interpretation, and working with mirrored acrylic–for the mirror’s ability to reflect oneself and one’s surroundings.

Beginning prototype designs for  Micheline’s Contemporary Jewelry Exchange

The deadline is coming up in a couple of weeks and I am busy finalizing the design and working out kinks at the laser cutters. Until then, I continue to dream up more designs and wonder what Rachel will have in store for me with her design!

To see more of The Contemporary Jewelry Exchange you can visit their Facebook page or view the 2014 Exchanges online.


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