This week: Spotlight on our new resident goldsmith, 
 Haydée Pérez Criollo, (HPC).

Haydée recently moved to Canada from beautiful Venezuela adding to our already international crew of jewellers. She started making jewellery about 14 years ago and has since spent her time unleashing her creativity and inspiration in both jewellery but also sculpture and household objects and has won an award in her homeland. She also has a piece in the permanent collection at the Ciudad Bolivar Museum.

Haydée’s beautiful pieces are bold and colourful as she uses a multitude of techniques and as shown in a few example below;


Come and say “Ola” to Haydee next time you come to Jewel Envy! 

P.S. Did you know that they say “Chevere” to mean great in Venezuela? I say “Chevere” to Haydee and her Jewellery!

Ivane Thiebaut

Panurgic feature on Rio Grande’s blog

I was just checking out my regular jewellery social media pages and came across Rio Grande’s feature on Panurgic based in Portland, Oregon.

I have been following Panurgic on Instagram and love to get a glimpse into the production line of casting that they accomplish. Check it out:

Sooo many pieces! *image taken from Rio Grande’s feature on Panurgic, to see more check out the link*

They love to share process shots (swoon!) Sometimes I can’t help but exclaim, “what the heeeey?!” so every once in a while I will have questions for Spike and he has always been generous enough to fill me in on his processes with a lot of helpful hints.

It is nice to see that his passion for sharing his process and skills has come from how he started his own studio as well as a passion for casting in general.

Thank you Spike for sharing your knowledge with me. Also comforting to know there are other people that read data sheets and instructions in their spare time!


Jennifer Patterson of Frekkel Designs

Hello Readers!

This week: Spotlight on our resident goldsmith Jennifer Patterson!

Jenn is currently working on a new series of bracelets and pendants inspired by natural growth formations found on the underside of leaves. Made of Sterling silver, these leaves demonstrate how beauty can be found in imperfection.

Jenn is also inspired by the challenges of restoration and repair, where damaged and once well-loved jewellery can become new again. She believes every piece has a story to tell and restoration allows her bring out the beauty of an older piece, giving it new life and making it ready to tell a new story.
This antique brooch is currently being restored with reshaping techniques, claw replacement and resetting of a stone.

Be sure to check out Jennifer’s new series in our store!



June 18. 2016
Hello happy readers,

Here you see two wonderful pieces created by Tammy McClennan,

$425 for the necklace and $85 for the earrings. The materials she used are brass, wood, sterling silver, stainless steel and powder coating. Come in and check them out!

Artist Spotlight on Tammy McClennan!

Tammy is a resident artist at Jewel Envy. Her work is often influenced by nature and forms that are encountered in daily life. Below is a new piece, Elbows, Assorted; which is an exploration of macaroni and cheese.

                                          Elbows, Assorted
                                          Copper, Powdercoat

The following piece is titled Avocado Sprouter which is currently part of the Chroma Lives Exhibition at the Feldcorp Yorkville Plaza Showroom and 21 Avenue Rd in Toronto.

                                          Avocado Sprouter
                                          Copper, powdercoat, coloured pencil, gilders paste,
                                          glass, soil, found sprout

Jade Dumrath

Every once in awhile, we like to shine spotlight on an artist in particular. This week’s edition features 
Jade is a resident goldsmith here at Jewel Envy, who comes to us by way of the jewellery program at NSCAD. A stint as an Umbra product designer has resulted in the merging of these two different design worlds in her metalsmithing work. She manages to create objects and wearable jewellery that are both functional, and easy on the discerning eye.
Take a look at some of her pieces:
A trivet that becomes a bowl. A lovely geometric piece that combines workworking and metalsmithing and fruit. A winning combination!

 Another awesome trivet. I like the way the angular metal contrasts with the lighter, softer colour of the natural wood.

Vases! The linework is just great, I really like the depth and texture that it creates.
 Really interesting bracelet! I tend to gravitate towards pieces with texture and pattern. I like how the detail here is also functional.

 Heart ring, with gems for valves. I heart this!

New summer intern!

Hello everyone!

My name is Suki Lai, and I am super excited to introduce myself as the new summer intern at Jewel Envy! I am currently a third year student majoring in Material Art and Design -Jewellery and minor in photography, at OCAD University. I applied as a intern at Jewel Envy this summer because I wanted to learn more about jewellery making, and be able to spend time with different goldsmiths that share the same love towards jewellery like me! It is a pleasure for me to become a part of Jewel Envy’s big family, and be able to learn from many amazing goldsmiths this summer. Here are some pictures of my jewellery works from school!

I have been working here since mid May,and I have to tell you how great the experience has been so far! Not only do I get to be inspired by everyone’s amazing works, I also got to learn new jewellery techniques from different goldsmiths here! I cannot wait to continue learning and spending my summer with everyone here. That’s all from me today 🙂 Have a nice day!

– Suki

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