Introducing the “Focus” Line

Jennifer Trotman, one of our goldsmith members, has been working on a new line of “dream driven” rings, which are now available in our studio’s retail store. This line is based on a simple idea – stay focused on your dream.

Many of us have vision boards, or other ways to inspire us and remind us of the things in life we want to manifest. However, once those visual reminders are out of sight, they can be out of mind.

Jennifer’s vision is two-fold. One, a beautiful, easy to wear ring that helps to stay focused when making decisions about time, money everyday, all day. The second way it works is that, as a gift, it is a constant reminder of love and support as your loved one works towards their dream.

Our dreams and goals are varied and individual as we are, but the Focused line has launched with three:

Focus: Writing a Book

Focus: Graduating

Focus: Creating a Clothing Line

More goals will be launched soon, so if you do not see yours, feel free to send an inquiry to Jennnifer.

Many jewellery pieces are dedicated to celebrating a goal accomplished, but Focus jewellery aims to keep you on track, and they look great just as beautiful stacking rings.

We currently have them in Sterling silver and yellow gold, so drop by soon and have a look

Jewellery Class Season!

This is the time of year when Jewel Envy runs a lot of one-day workshops. They are the perfect early holiday gift! Buy one for the DIY-er in your family, or take a class with your bestie, because what better gift is there than good memories? (Other than jewellery, of course!)

Next up is an ornament making class on November 15th, and a stacking ring class on November 16th.

In the ornament class you can learn to make holiday ornament, or even just a pretty window hanger. You can use it to decorate your own home, or give it as a thoughtful, handmade gift.

In the stacking ring class, you will learn to make thin sterling silver rings that can be stacked together on one finger for visual oomph, or wear them scattered on different fingers. I hear that’s how the cool kids wear them.

Sign up in store, or online at
You can see a complete list of classes that are running until the end of December.

Stacks are the new black!

Goldsmith and teacher, Lauren Hanham, carefully inspecting a student’s ring.

Learn to make plain polished rings, textured rings, twisted wire rings, and rings with small shapes!

Spring, are you there?

I don’t know about you, but I am definitely ready for spring. Not just for the warmer weather and casual strolls down the street instead of running from A to B so I don’t have to spend time in the arctic wind, but also because I am ready for a bit of colour. You know, flowers, grass, clothing that consists of more than black coats, and jewellery (of course!).

Something I am really excited about is a new line of stacking rings that I am working on that will be made out of the different colours of gold (yellow, rose, green) and have coloured gemstones. What colour combo would you like?

Panton colours spring summer 2014
I’m going to have a Hemolck/green gold combo, and a Violet Tulip/rose gold combo!


The more the merrier!  
Power in numbers!  
Three’s a crowd but more is a party!
What I’m getting at here, is that sometimes one just isn’t enough.  It is, after all, the loneliest number.  So unless you are a hobbit (hehe), perhaps your one ring could use some company.  To prove that point, we had another stacking ring workshop in the studio yesterday.  The ladies, Kristina and Kim, were very worthy goldsmiths-in-training.
Here they are hard at work:

Here is amazing result of all their benchwork:

If you can’t make it in for a workshop, never fear!  We have a great selection of stacking rings, already made just for you.  Take a look:
Rings by Carolyn Cathcart of Cathcart Designs

 Rings by Gillian Batcher of PASH Jewellery Design
Rings by Lauren Hanham of Lauren Hanham Jewellery Designs
 Rings by Sasha Oda of Archerade
*Please excuse my manicure – the nails of goldsmiths never last that long!
Have a great week!
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