Christmas will be here sooner than you think!

If you like to participate in holiday giving, now is the right time to come in to our store and see all the amazing pieces we have. Our designers are working hard to make new and exciting pieces for the holidays, and we have something to suit every budget and pretty much every style. The variation in the approach from artist to artist means that every piece is a bit different and there’s something for every taste.

So come on down and see all the magical jewellery that’s just waiting for you!

See the magic happen on our Instagram

We have been excited to be able to launch videos in our reels over the last few weeks. You can now see some process videos, as well as fun, transformation videos for our works in progress. To view all our reels at once you can go to our instagram and go the the second button from the left, which we have circled in the image below or just scroll our feed. We hope you enjoy this new content! Feel free to comment on our Instagram if there are any processes you’d especially like to see.

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