December is known as the month for giving and thinking about others; this year Jewel Envy is doing something extra special

One of our resident goldsmiths, Shafiq Sarwari, has been trying to help his family leave Afganistan safely for a number of years.

For those following the crisis the need for support is great, and the opportunities to initiate change have seemingly insurmountable barriers to effect it. If you know the goldsmiths of Jewel Envy well, you know we are a family and when one is in need, we all try to help.

It is with this background that I, and other amazing people in our community have stepped up to form an official Group of 5 Sponsorship to help Shafiq’s family to come to Canada. Our paperwork has been submitted and now we wait to see if it is approved!

We will be asking our community to support fundraising events when we are further along in this process but for the month of December, Gillian, the owner of Jewel Envy, and her husband will be *matching 20% of all December sales towards their sponsorship.

We know it is a year where budgets may be limited and choices need to be made about where to spend money. If you are looking to spend in places where those dollars will help the most come and shop with us!

All of the jewellery sold here is made by our on-site goldsmiths so you will be supporting both your local economy and Shafiq’s family who are currently refuges in Pakistan, dreaming of living somewhere without persecution of their beliefs, especially those around equality for the women and girls in the family.

*funds will be matched up to a maximum of $10 000

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