New Class!

Upcoming Saturday August 10th, 2013 we will be offering for the first time our Name Plate One Day Class.
Sign up today to design and learn how to hand pierce with a jeweller’s saw a name plate which you can wear on a necklace or bracelet.  Make one with your own or a special someone’s name or initials or maybe even just a random word!

The class sample made by onsite goldsmith Alexis using brass.

Back in inaction

I am back in the studio after taking part in the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibit.  I thought I would jump back into work right away, but today is my day of inaction.  

I wanted to thank all the folks that visited me, bought pieces, came to give me treats, or lent a helping hand.   I relish the opportunity to step outside of my introspective head-space to interact with people and chat about my work.  I feel very fortunate to have been a part of the art show this year.

If you didn’t get the chance to visit, you should head over to my blog to check out some of my newest work and read possibly my strangest post yet.  You have been warned!


My hand making some adjustments in my jewellery case.

Thank you Ellen, Lianne and Manaf for the treats!


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