This week I finish up the first 8 week session of Intro Enameling. The last two weeks the students learned how to do cloisonne, the technique of inlaying and packing enamel around thin silver or copper wires. Most people would be most familiar with this technique on vases and beads, the result is beautiful and intricate, resembling stained glass.
As usual, great results!  This raindrop pendant (above) was made by Sonia Ho. Below is a reed pendant by Amanda DelaCruz. It is worth checking out Amanda’s blog as well, she has great photos of the cloisonne process.
Upcoming classes are scheduled for the following dates:
8 Week Intro/Intermediate Enameling, starts Thursday, March 25 6:30pm to 9:30pm
1 Day Enamel Workshop (Pendant and Earrings) Sunday March 21, 10am to 6pm
Send the studio an email if you are interested! or call 647.436.6709
This is a brief blog entry in comparison, but I must get back to work! 
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Hopefully it stops raining soon……………….
– Emily

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