8 Week Gemsetting Wednesday January 24th, 2024

This class has a material fee of $200 plus hst. Students receive a kit of 6 cast pieces in sterling silver, calibrated synthetic gemstones for the settings, as well as the burs needed for the settings. Students will also make 2 of their own setting tools in the class.

Tinker, Teacher, Goldsmith, Hi!

What word sums up the daily life of a Goldsmith at Jewel Envy? Inventive.

When jewellery is handmade, creativity in the design in expected, BUT that is not all. The “how” and the “with what” is at least as creative. It can mean learning a new skill, or buying a new tool, which we love, and then what? What if there is no book, no commercial tool available for the brilliantly beautiful creation keeping us up at night? We hypothesize, we experiment, we create a process to form our creation. Many times, we modify or create new tools, which means we need to know how to work steel, or rework electronics, or read and enter new code.

The next time you visit us at Jewel Envy, and you see an interesting piece, ask us how it was made. The answer might surprise you.

Kinsley Vey Designs
Pash Jewellery Design
House of Cassady

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