Earring hooks

As some one who lives in Canada I love that I get to rotate through my scarves starting in fall and throughout winter. What I don’t love is losing a beloved earring because of these scarves. I just love dangling earrings (I wear them much more often than studs) and I consistently wear and use plastic backings to stop my fave pairs from slipping off accidentally. The only drawback to these things are that you will inevitably drop one on the floor and you are better off to grab another one than to try and search for one of these things. We always have baggies of these guys available for purchase and include them on any jewellery bought at the studio.

These little plastic do-dads have become my saving grace. Plastic earring stoppers start off very snug so I usually twist them on/off earring hooks so I do not bend the hooks out of shape and I keep a small pile in my jewellery box handy for when I am getting ready in the morning.

Do you need to replace earring hooks on some of your jewellery? think about what style you would prefer, we love switching things up for customers so you can get as much wear out of your jewellery as possible. Take a look through a few options and let us know what style you prefer! – Alexis

I don’t know about you, but I just do not like this type of earring hook. These are your everyday run of the mill commercially available earring hooks – The best things about them it that they are very easy to put on because the angle of the wire makes it easy to insert, but they fall out way too easily. At the studio we have often replaced them completely with handmade earring hooks, bend them a bit to alter their shape, as well as softening the tip of the earring to remove blunt edges that are uncomfortable.   

Ah, the tried and true. When we make earring hooks they often look like a variation of this. They have a bit of extra length to make them easy to insert and are bent downward so they are less likely to slip off. Wear these accompanied with the plastic earring stoppers and you are good to go. 

This style is a great option in which you can forgo the plastic earring stoppers, as you can see the style can be adjusted to suit the rest of the earring.

These commercially available earring hooks are often a go to for customers as well. They have a backing that snaps open so you can slip your earrings on and then snap into place to keep it from falling off.

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