Inspiration, creativity and Salvador Dali

Continuing on the theme of artists I find inspriring, this month I am talking a bit about surrealist artist Salvador Dali.

Dali’s Mustache – Photo by Philippe Halsman

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I love surrealism.  It appeals so much to my sense of whimsy, and the sci fi/fantasy book loving geek in me!  I’ve had a long fascination with Dali, and when I was going through my phase of visiting galleries round Europe in  my late 20’s, I’d always be on the lookout for any offering from this artist.  One of my favourite paintings is Persistence of Memory, although it’s unfortunately not one I’ve seen in person .

One of the things I didn’t initially appreciate was how prolific he was.  Over his lifetime he created over 1600 paintings, to say nothing of the sculptures and other objects (like the Lobster phone).

The Lobster Telephone ; user Nasch92

It wasn’t until I visited the Dali Paris gallery that I realised how interesting and strange the inside of Dali’s brain must be (in only the best way of course!).  This was finally confirmed when I purchased (and read) his autobiography after visting Dali Universe London (Which, incidentally is a lovely venue by the banks of the Thames, just over Westminster Bridge), The Secret Life of Salvador Dali.

Apart from his art, one of the things that really stuck with me, was his daily practice of creativity.  Not necessarily for any purpose, but  just to let it out of himself, as if he couldn’t hold it back, and he’d make something out of almost anything.  I love that concept, and it’s something I strive to practice too, although not on nearly the same scale.

How do you practice your creativity?  Here’s a suggestion: why not visit us at the studio and learn a new skill or develop your existing ones in jewellery creation.

Stay safe, and we hope to see you soon!


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