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Hi all, this is my turn to blog this week or last week 😛 Sorry of delaying if you follow our blog. First of all, I want to congrats Emily Gill who won the best jeweler in TOAE. Emily, you rock!

I have been working hard on my first mirror locket for Red. It took me a while figuring out the best way of depicting the theme which is Snow White. I use copper to build the shape. It is actually my first time of making things with copper, and it wasn’t easy because it’s so soft after heating. Therefore, I spend a lot of time on fixing my mistakes during construction! Finally, I encountered those technical difficulties and it is almost DONE! Woohoo….I can’t wait to see the finish product myself. However, I should calm down a little since I tend to ruin things when I get too excited or try to rush it. (pictures will be updated for showing process)

Here is a site I like to share with you. Maybe you guys have heard of it already.
It is an inspirational site. It’s a huge community where people from various profession and talk about different things such as science, arts, culture and etc. I just found a topic that reminds me of what I am doing now. It is, Yves Behar on designing ojects that tell stories. Now I am going to listen and to find out what he is trying to tell us!
Also, I watched a documentary, Objectified. It talked about industrial design and what is considered as good design. Even though I am a jewellery designer, I personally learn a lot from their aspect and beauty of design.

Talk to you all soon!

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