Deja Vu

About 4 years ago, I was a student in my second year at George Brown College. I needed broken pieces of jewellery to fix in my repair class I was taking. My mother handed over a bag full of jewellery, mostly pearls to restring, some things that actually just couldn’t be fixed, and a 10ky gold ring with a broken shank at the bottom and a missing stone (an amethyst she tells me). It was much too big for her as a child when she got it. She told me she used to pinch the bottom of the ring to make it fit. At .5mm thick, it’s no surprise it cracked! In a timid attempt, I filed the broken edges flat and poorly soldered it back together. I was so unimpressed I just never gave it back to her.
During that epic room clean I did a couple months back, I actually found the bag of broken jewellery, ring and all! I thought to myself, wouldn’t this be a lovely birthday present to surprise mom with? I knew that I would have to cut it open and redo the soldering job so I figured I should make it an adult size at the same time. I also found a tiny little amethyst to bring it all back together. This time, I was still terrified of ruining it but I took my time and ended up pretty happy with the results.
Plus my mom was happy and totally surprised!


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