Trying to hit my stride at the bench!

It is a bit of a rainy day down here on Roncy but that is ok since I have had an extremely productive day! I took a short break from bench work as my pregnancy was coming to an end and then a little more time off to get to know my new daughter. It’s been a strange kind of time for me as a new mom. I love getting to know my new baby but I have been eager to also get back to work.

There is definitely a tug of war going on in my head for what I want to do and where I want to be. Today I finally felt like I was getting back into the stride of working with playful exhibition work for the Toronto Offsite Design Festival.

I have always loved kids toys and now I have so many reasons to think about them, play with them, and now transform some of those ideas into metal. And that my favourite jewellery blog readers will be my little teaser for my work in the Jewel Envy exhibition for the TODF. Stay tuned for more details about the show this fall!

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