Enamel Class Photos

Hi everyone! Today I brought my camera in to the studio to snap a few shot of my talented students in action. Only two more classes in this session after tonight, 6 weeks have gone by so fast! I have listed upcoming class dates at the bottom of this post!

So far we have learned so many techniques, and completed a stenciling project, some students used lace to make a really cool pattern, others hand-cut stencils. In our most recent project, Sonia completed a miniature watercolour painting in a little brass frame which hangs askew around the neck. It is so adorable. Zeine made a really intricate origami-like shape from flat copper sheet enamelled with my favorite lime green, Amanda has been working on these great organic pod shapes which she made in the hydraulic press, and Padrin’s teeth inspired pendant is so mesmerizing. Really cool work. I love the dimension and volume they have gotten through this exploration of copper with enamel.

I showed the students how to do cloisonne enamel tonight for the next and final project. This process involved packing wet enamel powder in between thin copper, gold or fine silver wires and firing. I made this cute little guy as a demonstration, only to realize he looks like Alexis’ funny bug eyed toy who lives on her jewellery bench. They could be brothers! (See below)

Right: Sonia working on her miniature painting

Amanda sifting enamel onto one of many pods

Padrin removing his pendant from the kiln after firing!

Me firing a sample. 
Soon to become:

Cloisonne guy! aka, Popeye or Bugsy, on the right.

Next week we are in the home stretch with 2 classes to go, everyone will be working on cloisonne designs. I will be sad when class is over, we’ve had a really good time and I have really loved teaching this first enamel class here.

Next class will be a combination Intro/Intermediate Enamelling course, beginning on Thursday March 25th for 8 weeks. 

Introductory Enameling: Learn the basics of firing glass powder onto copper, metal preparation, various firing stages/textures, using opaque and transparent enamels, stenciling, drawing and painting on enamel, building hollow copper objects to enamel, enameling 3 dimensional objects, wet inlay and cloisonne. No jewellery/enamel experience necessary, the basics of piercing and drilling will be taught so everyone has a chance to design their own unique shapes to enamel!

Intermediate Enamelling for Jewellery: will explore the possibilities of enamel in finished pieces of sterling silver jewellery. We will learn and elaborate on enamel techniques, with a focus on multiples, bezel setting, prongs or tabs and rivetting enamelled components to fabricated jewellery designs. Prerequisites for Intermediate are: Intro to enamelling and Intro to Fabrication or other fabrication experience. Visit our website to see all courses and for registration information. www.jewelenvy.ca

One day enamel workshops for March 2010 (make a pendant with stenciled design and matching earrings, or two pendants)
Saturday, March 13 from 10:00am to 6:00pm 
Sunday, March 21 from 10:00am to 6:00pm

Hope you can join us for a colourful one day or 8 week class!

Bye for now!



After finishing a new collection the fun part is having the work professionally photographed! Soon I will have pictures at our web site.
I’m going to have couple of busy months. My work has been accepted to be shown in a gallery.
Hope the shipping will go smoothly! 
Here is a picture of my work in process…

Flocking the day away

So as my title suggests I have been flocking away like crazy these past few weeks, so much so that I have forgotten to blog about it until now.  What is flocking you may ask? It is like adding a velvet like surface to my resin jewellery pieces.  The best part about flocking is that I get to paint a bit first then using a sliding tube with holes on the end I spray little rayon fibers onto the paint.  They stick in the paint and when it dries it is like a fuzzy sticker I have attached to my creations.  I am so excited about it because first and foremost it adds a textural element to my jewellery.  Anyone who knows me knows I love getting my hands on anything and everything.  I hardly ever resist the urge to touch things even when I shouldn’t.  And second, it comes in so many fun colours.  I will soon post pictures of some of my flocked jewellery since just reading about it is not nearly as fun as getting to look at it (which in turn is almost as fun as getting to touch them) 😛
This afternoon I am gearing up for a photo shoot with my friend Kevin Charlie – it should be a great time and I am sure that he will take some interesting photos of the studio, me at work and some of my jewellery.  You better believe I will be posting those up for you all to see as well!

Alrighty, that’s enough from me, back to flocking!

Busy Month

It’s Gillian here:o) It is Sunday evening and I am trying to finish up some paperwork and organize myself for a mini vacation next weekend! I am in serious need of some relaxation since this year has started off busier than expected.

Last month I started teaching a class at OCAD. I am really enjoying the course as it deals with patterning metal using techniques such as lamination and mokume gane. I am relearning some processes I have not used in a while and expanding on the ones I use frequently. As usual I am teaching at the studio and my GBC courses will start in March. Lucky for me I like to multitask and have still been able to do custom work and design new pieces for my collections

Below is an image of a new design. I finally found the seed pearls to make this and am really excited about using them for edging in my pieces.

The Body and Object show from the OCC has just finished and now I have to figure out what to do with this dress…suggestions are welcome!

I have also been planning my work for the Jewel Envy Group Exhibition. I have so many ideas right now and am trying to narrow it down to one cohesive thought!

I think I am going to try to update images here as well as on www.pash.ca as I have been inspired by Emily’s ability to keep everyone up to date on what she is doing. That is one of the great things about www.jewelenvy.ca we push each other forward by seeing what everyone does and how to make it all work.

Have a great week!

Some new work I am very excited about

New enamelled flowers with cell centres
Thank you to everyone who has helped me get through the last few weeks! What a long few weeks it has been. Here is a sneak peak at some of the finished pieces! Most of these (I counted a total of 17 pieces, including flower brooches, lariat necklaces and “flower cells” to Lafreniere and Pai Gallery in Ottawa 
New goldenrod yellow Lariat with handpainted enamel centre
Love love love this colour combination, purple and yellow, droooool
I will be updating my facebook group page continuously (Emily Gill Jewellery Design) as well as my Metal Arts Guild page and website. Stay tuned! Its going to be a great year
Bye for now!

Some people sing in the shower, I sing disco while working alone at the studio

First of all, happy new year to all our blog followers from me, Emily.

This year brings a few new changes, and a busy schedule for me. I have recently made the switch to full time member and changed benches. As some of you know, I work part time as a florist (yes, I love flowers…..!) and come here to Jewel Envy everyday after my morning shift whipping up floral deliveries to brighten people’s days. Although I have lived in Toronto for about 9 months now, I feel more settled than ever, really enjoying my studio work, friendships with all the girls (yes, we are all girls at the moment) here and networking with other crafts people and jewellers. My eventual goal is to work full time and survive from my jewellery, but I am finding a happy balance with my part time job, which is important. I won’t be leaving Toronto any time soon 🙂
I have been working what feels like non-stop since returning from Montreal after the holidays. I started teaching my Introductory Enamelling class two weeks ago, and love my students! Laura, our co-op student, although new to enamelling, is a HUGE help as my assistant. Thanks Laura!
Just when I thought I could have a little break a slew of shows I want to apply for or participate popped up!
In Halifax, my friend and jeweller Vanessa Neily is curating Adornable, an exhibition of work by selected NSCAD jewellery and metalsmithing alumni. Its going to be so cute and whimsical, I am totally into it! The show will run in the summer (you should also check out her website, her stuff is incredible https://www.vanessaneily.com)
I am particularily tickled by the invitation by Lafreniere & Pai Gallery to participate in their tenth year anniversary show entitled “Eros from Chaos” an exhibition of erotic jewellery and sculpture running in May in Ottawa. Ooh la la. I have a plethora of ideas 😉
The icing on the cake will be the Jewel Envy group show, which we have just started planning. No set dates yet, but we will keep you informed!
Now I must get back to work. I’ve been here almost every night until at least 9pm with Young, who is attempting to make her first Mokume ring. Last night, however, was a record late night, leaving here at 12:35am exhausted, but very content with the amount of work I completed. Sometimes it is great to work until you can’t anymore. I prefer having a working buddy those late nights; too bad no one else gets to see how my late night enamel-dance moves improved and I now can do a rendition of Thelma Houston’s “Don’t Leave Me This Way” disco tune pretty much accapella. Yikes!
Disco is cheerful, and so are my happy little brooches. Take a peek at how they transformed.
I sift enamel powder (a form of powdered glass) onto the hand formed copper flowers. 
And from my powdery bench, I put the little guy on a steel trivet. He is ready to bake!
Into the kiln at about 1500 degrees fahrenheit for about 2-3 minutes…..until they get nice and glossy.
Et voila! So many happy brooches!
I am also making more necklaces with this form. My bench is a garden of colour when I have them all out.
I love enamelling. I couldn’t live (or make jewellery) without it!
– Emily

Me again!


     It’s Laura the co-op student again. Since the last time I have blogged I have been learning many new techniques and am now assisting Emily with her 8 week enameling classes. Every Tuesday I spend the day at the studio either working on my own pieces or helping the others out, than at night I am doing the enameling class. Last week was the first class and everything went great! The class made samples of enamel to show them the different types of textures and colours you can get with different firing times. This week things will be getting a little more complicated and exciting as we are doing stenciling in different colours. I have never done enamel before so this class is a great opportunity for me to learn something new while helping out. Only one more hour until the class starts.. it is going to be fun!

A quiet January it is NOT!!!

After a busy November and December I was looking forward to
a quiet January…No of course not!!!

I’m sitting here on my macbook and let’s see I have fedex, a custom brokers, the financial times, the canadian tax sites, oh and myspace open because i’m always in search of music artists.

But luckily I have a business trip to ARIZONA in a couple weeks for the annual Tucson Gem Show so luckily I can relax….yeah right my new designs are still scribbles on a page, nevermind the production of them oh and the the website and a million other things!

But what’s even more exiciting then being able to attend the biggest gem show on the planet is the fact that I am almost finished a idea I’ve been working on for years…My original 45 rpm record adapter pendant which started off as a birthday present for a DJ but years later after enough DJ’s asking me “So Quincy, when is this 45 actually going to work as an adapter in side a record?” Guess what it’s finally evolved into an adapter and a piece of jewellery.  It took me a long time to work out how I could get them to work seeing as they are now metal and not plastic, and usual production techniques just wouldn’t work and then I had to find the right person to help me with major technicalities and of course like magic its all come together and as one DJ told me “it works beautifully.” They will be available in Silver and Gold soon, very soon!!!! 

Let’s go check out Cedar Ridge Gallery this Sunday/January 17th

It’s me!! Nice to see everyone here again, I have a great news for all. A group show held by OCAD students will happen in the Cedar Ridge Gallery, and I am one of the participants. We are past and present OCAD students showing functional and non-functional jewellery, plus sculptural works. The opening reception is on Sunday, January 17th,2010 from 1 pm- 4 pm. However, it is totally fine if you can’t make it on that day because the show will not end till January 29th.OK…it’s enough advertisment for now.

It is exciting for me that I figure out other ways to add colours in my jewellery! I made bunch of tiny balls in different sizes with polymer clay. They are vibrant and fun. I am still experimenting with them, but hopefuly I will develop a new design line with it! Wish me LUCK 😛

I hope to see you all on Sunday
Have a wonderful weekend!

ChiaChien Tsai


The party was GREAT! Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate with us.
For the past two months, a watch that I made while in my third year at Bezalel Academy of Art & Design in Jerusalem, has been exhibited in a show at the Talin’s gallery in Tel Aviv, Israel. It is always nice to have a project that you made for school shown at an exhibition to a different crowd.
Right now I am very excited to hear the tumbler spinning (I use it for an alternative finish on the jewelry surface). That means that my new collection is almost done.
Guess I’d better get back to work!
Until Later,


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