Class it up!

 Happy Saturday errbody!!
It is a beautiful day… to shop for jewellery!  Jeez what a great idea.  But here’s another thought for the adventurous: what if you could make an amazing piece of jewellery yourself??  We here at Jewel Envy love to make things for you with our creativity and our skilled/scarred hands, but we also love to show you how to do it yourselves.

I have taught a variety of classes recently, and each and every one was so rewarding.  You don’t need to have any experience, just enthusiasm and a love for beautiful, shiny things.
Kate and Emily after a one-day earring workshop
Micheline showing off her statement ring
Mina wearing her evil eye necklace

Check out our website for more detailed class information, and join us for some good ol’ fashioned fun in the studio!