Corporate Class with City Orthodontics

This past August Jewel Envy had the pleasure of holding a team building fun day for City Orthodontics. Eleven people working in all areas of the clinic came in to learn how to make a piece of jewellery.

Jewellery and dentistry have quite a lot in common and many of the skills are transferable. We use many of the same tools and both fields have a passion for tiny but important details.

When the City Orthodontics group showed up you could see their eye light up with recognition the moment they saw the display of tools for their class were in fact common items in a clinic. The dentists drill is called a flexshaft in the jewellery studio and we use re-purposed dental tools for carving tools.

Kathryn Rebecca and I taught the group how to carve cuttlefish, which is the bone of a sea animal, and cast precious metal into the cavity created. Everyone had the option of making either a pendant or key-chain and the group came up with a variety of designs.

A lot more goes into making jewellery than is generally expected without any experience so I think after a few hours the group had a new found appreciation for hand made work!

Below are finished pieces. They are all turned out exceptionally well and we hope the group had as much fun in the class as we had teaching them.

If you would like more information about special classes for your group please let us know and we can design an event just for you!

Happy jewellery making!


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