Crystal Palace

Dear Sunday
Our time
and thoughts at Jewel Envy are always on you, and how we can improve our work
every day, you are a very important part of our journey and among a great deal
of renovations we have held this last couples of months a new meeting room is
just ready for you all.

We had a
fun friendly competition to name our new meeting room (pictured above). This
January and February we invited you to come into Jewel Envy to take a selfie in
the new room, and post that picture to any of these social media platforms: Facebook,
Instagram, or Twitter. The collective goldsmiths at Jewel Envy voted, and CRYSTAL PALACE is the winner! The creative genius behind it; she was
gifted with a $150 gift certificate for jewellery in the store.
We invite
you to come see the great Crystal Palace in person. This room is so amazing that we at Jewel Envy
and our customers always walk out feeling inspired!

Drop by
during store hours, or make an appointment, to see it in person and discuss custom jewellery!

Have a
nice Sunday!

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