Evolution of a bracelet

Happy Saturday friends!!  For my Very First Blog ever, I thought I would share with you the most recent addition to my bracelet family.  This golden beauty was born just this past Wednesday, and I have documented her arrival into this jewelled world for you.  Enjoy!


This is the prep stage.  I start by tracing the shape onto the wax, and then cut around it with my jeweller’s saw.  I then use various tools, such as wax files and burs, to gradually carve out the final shape of the bracelet:

Once I am satisfied with the final product, I attach the wax sprues around the piece in order to prepare for casting.

Once the piece is cast, I use files, emery and polishing buffs to create the final finish.

As the final step, I electroplated this bracelet with 14karat gold-plating solution, to achieve the final golden glow.  And voila! 

– Sasha Oda-