FAT fingers

It finally feels like summer has arrived!
Though to tell the truth, I always feel a bit conflicted during the summer months. On the one hand, I love the carefree happiness and ease that comes with warmer weather. And then on the other hand, I have summertime fat fingers. That’s right, I suffer from Fat Fingers in the Summer Syndrome (FFSS).
When the weather heats up and there is more humidity in the air, my fingers get swollen and rings no longer fit as they should. Sometimes I will put on my rings in an act of defiance, in which case I either live with the finger muffin tops, or I eventually take them off in defeat.
I might have a new plan of attack this year: BRACELETS!!! I don’t usually wear them, but they could be the answer to my FFSS problems.
I will start by wearing an oldie but a goodie, the arrowhead bracelet in sterling silver.
 If your jewellery game is similarly affected by FFSS, by all means join me by wearing bracelets during the hotter months:)
And if your fingers stay the same size all year long, then I am jealous and impressed, and encourage you to wear more rings.
Happy Sunday!