gemstones ♥ ♥ ♥

I LOVE GEMSTONES!!!!! Did you know that?! They are beautiful and they sparkle and they shine and they come in all the colours of the rainbow and beyond. Most jewellers and goldsmiths share my love, as well as most of the general population, so yeah, I guess this is not shocking information. But did I mention that I looooove gemstones?!
I recently went to Friday Night Live at the ROM – I highly recommend you check this out – and I spent a silly amount of time in the gemstone room. Drooling. (And drinking.)
Here is the photographic evidence:
This is actually not my photo, but it showcases all the lovely showcases:)
Close-up view of some fluorite. Again, not my picture, but how pretty?!

 So this is my picture. This is a 100kg (OMIGOSH) gold coin that is worth an estimated $1 million dollars! Just thinking of all the pretty things I could make… sigh. This coin, and the entire gemstone room, in fact, was donated by the Barrick gold mining company. Thank you Barrick!

 Fellow goldsmith Iona K. and I checking out the stones. Photo by Tom K.
See you at the ROM!

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