Happy Holidays!!

Hello everyone,

this is a very exciting week!

This Wednesday December 8th between 5pm and 10 pm is Jewel Envys 4th annual 
Holiday Party!
 Come and join us in celebrating the holiday spirit… there will be fantastic jewellery and great company!
this Friday is the opening of the Holiday Pop Up Art Shop Village where I will be one of the many talented artisans being featured.
(Methinks’ Holiday PopUp Art Shop Village is more than a sale. It’s a conversation about quality, craft and the business of persuasion in Toronto’s art scene. Says Ringer: “This is a rare and special opportunity for a general audience not just to find special stocking-stuffers, but to have a magical encounter, support local artists and consider the exhibition itself as a work of art. Moreover, this project challenges traditional art sale formats and raises the bar for anyone working with the popup shop concept in Toronto.”)
                                             (located at 165 Agusta in Kesington Market)
Hope to see you there!
Sarah De Gasperis